Thursday, February 20, 2014


Good morning!   53 degrees this morning,  supposed to be 71 today :)  

Today is: 

Today in history
2/20/1962  John Glenn become the first U.S. astronaut to orbit the earth.

As you know,  we said goodbye to Riley yesterday.   Today we will celebrate her life with a video of her swimming.   She will always be remembered for being such a sweet gentle soul.

Fascinating Fun Feline Facts
By Jill Anne Sparapany 

Cats make about 100 different sounds. Dogs make only 10.

On average, cats spend 2/3 of every day sleeping. That means a nine year old cat has been awake for three years of its life.

When a cat chases its prey, it keeps his head level. Dogs and humans bob their heads up and down.

The technical term for a cat’s hairball is a “bezoar.” This is a great Scrabble word!

According to Hebrew legend, Noah prayed to God for help protecting all the food stored on the ark from being eaten by rats. In reply, God made the lion sneeze and out popped a cat.

The biggest wildcat today is the Siberian Tiger. It can be more than 12 feet long (3.6 m or about the size of a small car) and weigh up to 700 lbs (317 kg).

The smallest wildcat today is the Black-footed cat. The females are less than 20 inches long (50 cm) and can weigh as little as 2.5 lbs (1.2 kg).

The most popular pedigreed cat is the Persian cat, followed by the Maine Coon and the Siamese.

Mohammed loved cats and reportedly his favorite cat, Muezza, was a tabby. Legend says that tabby cats have an “M” for Mohammed on top of their heads because he would often rest his hand on the cat’s head. 

Major has an M

Casey's pretty M

Snicker with an M

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