Friday, February 7, 2014


Good morning,  temps are: 31 this morning BUT supposed to climb to the 50's later in the day.
Today is power wash day and I am not going to be able to do it this morning.  We are going to steam clean all the patio and later in the morning I will power wash the Wednesday room.

Today in History:   Alexander Graham Bell patents the telephone  (1876)
Monopoly board game is invented   (1933)

Feb. 7 days:  Wave all your fingers at your Neighbor Day
Send a card to a friend day
Start of the Winter Olympics

Today is  $5.00 Friday 

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Box Opening Last night

Many thanks for all the wonderful gifts from our wishlists!

Greta & Poppy were anxiously waiting to see what were in the boxes.

Peanut relaxes with a toy while waiting for boxes to start

Skittle protects the boxes

Seth  (Moocowguy) and his lovely wife Catherine were our guest box openers.
They will be opening boxes again tonight

Thank you  Jen Lin Kuo for the weazel ball and scratch and rest!
Thank you Steven Booth for the lysol packs and food!
Thank you Laura Rapchak for the dish washing foam!
Thank you Sandra Morin for the food & litter!
Thank you Stacy Anderson for the food!
Thank you James Vasquez for the tower of tracks!

Thank you Ellie Goodbread for the foods!
Thank you unnamed for the food!

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