Sunday, February 2, 2014


Good morning!!   46 degrees!!  YEAH...  hoses are finally unfrozen   :)      They say partially sunny and 64 later today..  We will have the patio's open today :)

                                                        Today's cat is Miracle:

Miracle has an interesting story and you can read it on his page     You can watch him today LIVE on

Did you know that Miracle is also a diabetic?    When he was first diagnosed his BGL was over 500!
The vet gave us the food that all vets give diabetic animals,   Purina DM.   Vets do not have the time, desire, energy to do the research to find out what you really should feed a diabetic animal,  they listen to the sales person and give you that food.    The sales people want to keep your animal diabetic so you keep feeding them the food. (IMHO)

Diane and I did lots of research,  and found that a diabetic needs  very low carbs  and high protein to keep their "sugar" under control.  We researched lots of foods,  and immediately switched him to BG  (before grain) wet food.  It is 96% protein and have 2-4 grams of carbs at the most  (you want to stay under 10)  We kept checking his "sugar" every day before giving him insulin and we watched his numbers come under control.  It took approx 6 weeks,  but we finally had  Miracle's diabetes controlled completely by diet!   The vet sent in blood work and it confirmed what we already knew.  No more insulin for the big guy.

Miracle also loves dry food and we knew that he missed it  (he would eat the small pieces the others would drop on the floor when he returned to his room)  We started researching dry cat foods,  and discovered:

Like lions and tigers, cats are carnivores. When they eat carbohydrates instead of meat it's easier for them to become overweight and at risk for diabetes. Fortunately in most cases, feline diabetes can be effectively treated and even reversed with lifestyle changes - including a proper carnivore diet like Young Again Zero Carbs cat food. Cats naturally love the meaty taste. And at about 40 cents a day, Young Again Zero Carbs cat food is a great value because it costs less than most other foods recommended for diabetic cats.    You can buy it here:  Buy Young Again, Here


ob·li·gate[adj.ob-li-geyt] car·ni·vore[nounkahr-nuh-vohr]

An obligate or a true carnivore is an animal that must eat meat in order to thrive. Just like leopards, lions and tigers, your cat is an obligate carnivore and has no nutritional requirement for carbohydrates in their diet. True carnivores lack the physiology required for the efficient digestion of vegetable matter and, in fact, some carnivorous mammals eat vegetation specifically as an emetic (to induce vomiting). The domestic cat is a prime example of an obligate or true carnivore and has no nutritional requirement for carbohydrates or other vegetable matter. The excess carbs and plant products found in many leading cat foods may be the primary cause of diabetes, obesity and UTI in cats today.
Young Again Zero Carb
Cat Food
Young Again 50/22
Cat Food
Protein %50-545550
Fat %22-262422
Carbs - digestible3-4%ZEROLess than 5%

Nutrition as nature intended

If I asked you what Nature would feed your cat, mice and small creatures are probably the first thing you'd think of. And you'd be right. That's because they all have one thing in common; they are made of basically meat and fat and almost no carbohydrates. The cat food you choose should match Mother Nature's nutrient profile for small creatures and should be at least 50% protein (from animal sources not plant proteins), a balanced fat level of 20% - 24% and should contain no more than 5% digestible carbs. However diabetic cats should never have digestible carbohydrates 

Pretty cool,   food based upon a mouse.... what cats eat in the wild.  They have a low carb food that is for cats that are not diabetics.   I hope you will take a few minutes to check it out :)

If you have a diabetic cat,  there  are some great charts about the different foods and advice at this website:


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Emily says thank you so much for the gifts you sent the cats from our Amazon wish list and regular wish list!
you may find them at:

Thank you Karin Burns for the food and track toys!  You can see the cats love it!

Mickey is trying cat the balls with the track toy!

Thank you Melinda Simon for the food!
Thank you Jennifer Smith for the food!
Thank you Rebecca Howes for the food!
Thank you Kimberlee Binder for the food!

Lisa thinks coming through the middle might work

Thank you  Kimberly Ann Bennett for the food & litter!
Thank you Jill Anne Sparapany for the big bed!
Thank you unnamed for the medical syringes!
Thank you unnamed for the Tower of tracks and food!
Thank you Julie & Pepper for the foods!

Thank you so much to everyone for their generosity and kindness!!

We will NOT have boxes tonight,  but Chris will do chat at 6pm EST  Hope you drop in and visit :)