Saturday, February 1, 2014


Good morning!  A warm 30 this morning,  supposed to be in the 50's again today and 60's tomorrow.  About 80% of the snow is gone,  YEAH!!!

Our February Newsletter is ready,  Hope you enjoy :)      Please Like & Share

Today is Cat Wheel Day live on

Lots of people ask us about the wheels.  Out of 90 cats,  we have 7 cats that actively run on it.  You can buy one at    the cost with shipping is $600.

Pixie,  our fastest runner

The Late Zoe.  Zoe had a severe heart defect.  We really believe running the wheel bought her an extra year of life.



Peg,   and she only has 3 legs!



Candy, Smudge and; Pixie show off their running skills


We were lucky to have BareBaron with us last night for boxes

Thank you so much for the gifts from our Amazon wish list!

or our other wish lists

Baron and Angel

Thank you so much for Kathy Stevens for all the medicines and cash donation!!
Thank you Amy Roberts for the denamarin and batteries!
Thank you Rachael Moorhead for the food, trashbags and Magic erasers!
Thank you Danise Taboadela for the foods!
Thank you Kimberly Ann Bennett for the bounce sheets, lysol, trash bags, cat tunnel and food!
Thank you Unnamed for the laundry soap and food!
Thank you Bente Wilson for the ear cleaning solution!
Thank you Karen Berry for the foods!
Thank you Patsye Junko for the toys!
Thank you unnamed for the toys!
Thank you Susan Fairweather for the food!
Thank you Dave & Lisa Eberhardt for your sponsorships & Tower of tracks toy!
Thank you Jennifer Smith for the food!
Thank you Edison Levi for the gift card!
Thank you Iryna Chyzhova for the cat shots!
Thank you Leona Tonietti for the cat litter!

Autumn is home for the weekend,  you may watch her today LIVE on
We WILL do boxes tonight at 6:30     Don't forget,  tours at noon,  3 pm & 10 pm EST  and chat at 10 pm EST     We hope you will drop in :)