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Camille, Felix & Chester cuddling in the banana bed

Deafness in Cats
Written by Jill Anne Sparapany

Loving a deaf cat might sound challenging, but you will soon quickly learn that animals are highly adaptive, particularly when they don't know they may be different.

Deafness can be temporary or permanent loss of hearing. It may be partial or involve one or both ears.   Causes are congenital defects, infections, ear mites, aging, injuries or otic drug toxicity. Tumors or polyps can also affect hearing and equilibrium.

All white, blue eyed cats are often born deaf.   All white cats with multiple colored eyes (one blue/one green) are often blind and deaf.

Penny is blind and deaf.
She is a very sweet girl who is loved at Blind Cat Rescue.
We tap on the climber and let Penny smell our hand so she knows it is not another cat. She will push her head into your head for you to pet her. Penny has a beautiful purr.

Signs your cat may have hearing loss or deafness:
·       No response to noise.
·       Unaware you are in the room until you physically touch them when they cannot see you.
·       Difficult to wake him/her up.
·       Walks with unbalanced gait. May seem disoriented.

If your cat has sudden hearing loss, take him/her to the vet. The prompt diagnosis and treatment may save your pet’s hearing.

If your cat is born deaf or becomes deaf, you need to keep your cat safe.
·       Never allow your hearing-impaired cat outside alone. They will not hear traffic or other dangers and be unable to protect themselves.
·       Attach a bell to your cat’s collar so you can locate them if he/she does get out.
·       Microchip your pets.
·       Never startle a deaf animal!
·       Alert your cat to your presence. They can feel vibrations from the floor or climber when you stomp your foot or tap the climber. Deaf cats possess an extraordinary sense of feel.
·       Deaf cats cannot control the volume of their voices. They may meow rarely/not at all or be very loud.
·       Deaf cats have extreme needs for high places. Provide high perches.
·       Some cats can learn basic sign language (sighted cats).



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