Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Contests Galore

Hi,  Snicker here,   Did you know we are in a zillion contests??  I hear mom telling everyone to Vote Vote Vote.  Not sure what that means or what a contest is, but it sure seems important to her... so I hope you all will Vote Vote Vote :)

Here is the first one:

#1  Please Nominate us in all categories to win $10,000 here is the link: 
Our blog address is 
This is a one entry per day PER Email address     So please Vote Every day :)

Contest 2 - Prize is $1,000    (you do not have to be on Facebook) For you having problems voting in the Animal Rescue contest... we made a step by step instruction page... I am sorry they broke something that didn't need to be fixed.  This one is a daily vote     Here is the link for the instructions if you need it

Contest 3 - (you must be on Facebook for this one) (Prize $2,000 merchandise) (Does NOT work on Safari browser, must use Chrome Or Firefox)
You will need to LIKE, then below their banner click FAVORITE CHARITY BUTTON, scroll to the bottom of the page to nominate button, click yes for the app, and then fill in the application (you can delete the app after you are done. Our contact info that they ask for is blind cat rescue     ONE vote per Facebook account.

Contest 4
Vote For Garfield,  Prize is $4500   One Vote Per day

Thank you for helping the cats!!