Saturday, June 15, 2013

I love everything! by Boone

I absolutely love box opening. I love Jennifer and Alana. I love boxes and crinkle paper. I love to be on camera. I love to sit in their laps and be lovingly petted. I love to be brushed and have my nails clipped. In all actuality, I must say, I love everything. Life is perfect. I'm always happy. I have beautiful kitties all around me, a full belly all the time, and as much love as any cat could ask for. I'm not much of a complainer. In fact, I never complain. I'm just always that happy!

Oh, my name is Boone by the way. You may have seen me on Ustream. Jennifer does awesome tours at night. She says I'm very handsome and gets the camera close to my face to show everyone how handsome I am. She's so nice.

I was writing to tell you all how much I love box opening! I love it! I love to see the boxes piled high because that means people really love us! People are so nice! I can tell it makes Jennifer and my momma happy too, which makes me even happier to see them happy.

Thank you kind person that sent the litter!  They didn't tell us who you are!
we us 60 boxes of Fresh step every Month!

Thank you kind person that sent the food, Amazon did not tell us who you are!
We use 400 pounds of dry food every month

Thank you Karin for the food!  We use approx 100 cases per month of wet food
Today we got all sorts of things! Lots of food and kitty litter. Mom says those things are really important! I would have to agree! I love my food! I also like kitty litter. The Fresh Step is great. If I were to compare it to you humans toilet paper, I would say it's like that really nice Charmin instead of the cheap 1 ply toilet paper. Does that make sense? If it doesn't, remember, I'm a cat, I don't always make sense. 

Thank you kind person,  Amazon didn't tell us who you are!
These fountains help encourage the cats to drink more
water and that helps prevent urinary stones/crystals

We got a cool fountain today as well! I love drinking out of the fountain. It makes me feel like a king. Only truly special kitties get to drink out of fountains and I happen to be one of them!

We got cool toys and treats too! I love toys and treats!

Did you know that Jennifer is awesome at this editing thing? She translates for us and writes it down! If we wrote this out ourselves, you humans wouldn't really be able to understand it. For example, dhsfklsdhffffffffffffffkdsjfsdfsf dsfsdkfhsjddddddddddddddfhsldfhsdkjhfjsdhfjdshfksdjhfoiwoeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee99999999999dsfffffff, that means I love you in my written language! Jennifer translates that! 

Oh sorry, I get off track pretty easily. It's probably because I love everything! If you would like to send us something that'll we absolutely love, you can go to our Amazon wishlist!

Here is the link:

Here is the video of box opening if you would like to see it

Bye everyone! I love you. Or as they say in my language sdkfjskdldddddddddddfkkkkkkkkkkkkkfjjjalkdfsnslkdjflksdsdndflknsdlkfjsjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj!!!!

Written by Boone
Edited by Jennifer