Wednesday, May 25, 2016

You May Know My Name ....

You May Know My Name . . . .

By  Bob Seifried

      I stretched out lazily on my soft beige carpet. Paws reaching skyward, basking in the warmth of the climbing sun.

My senses on full alert, heightened by the smell of fresh food wafting through the morning air. “Breakfast is here” said

my grumbling stomach. Outside birds chirped cheerfully, preoccupied with their own daily routine, but little did I know

. . . . . there would be nothing routine about this sunrise.

Unbeknownst to me my family had made a fateful decision, an outcome that would forever turn my world upside

down “They didn’t want me anymore” No reason given, just got tired of a cat in the house. After years of thinking I

was an essential part of a warm family, I soon found out otherwise. Hastily I was lifted out of bed. A bed I would never

feel again, and unceremoniously put into a cardboard box. The lid shut, followed quickly by the closing of a car door.

Before long I was transported to a shelter and shuttled inside a steel cage. Everything I had known and felt suddenly

ceased to exist. You may know my name, for hanging from this cage the paperwork read flatly . . . . . . . . . .

. . . . . “owner surrender”

No longer filled with a once youthful bloom, my body now shook uncontrollably. Feelings ricocheted from

heartbreak to fear then back again to heartbreak. Nothing around me smelled or felt familiar. I heard the cries from

neighboring cats, but couldn’t sense how many . . . for I was blind. As the nights & days merged into one, my breathing

became more labored, vital signs slowed. Not because of any impending illness . . . “No” life had changed . . . .

. . . . . and nothing seemed to matter anymore.

* * * * * * * *

And then one day, while people bustled in and out of the shelter, I heard the sound of creaking. My cage door

gradually began to open. Followed slowly by a hand reaching in and lightly petting me. Soon after, for the first time in

what seemed like a lifetime I was picked up and held. Long lost feelings once thought faded, quietly began to resurface.

In a flash a decision had been made . . . . . “I was wanted again”

Takin’ from my solitary world with the hopes of never returning. I was driven to a brand new place, that held the

promise of a brand new dream. Once there, I began to feel the love that I had thought lost. Gifts presented to me from

new friends two-legged & four. In my new home they say we’re old, sick or blind and maybe we are, but together we

form a very special group. For we are the cats of “Blind Cat Rescue” For it is we who once lost so much and then had it

all come back. To feel once again the joy of a morning breakfast, the comfort of a warm bed, the fragrance of budding

flowers. But most of all . . . . . to feel the presence of that one visitor who comes just to see me.

So remember as you walk through life and maybe one day come across that abandoned kitty hidden from view.

Without a home, and no name to speak of . . . . alone in this world. Know that she feels what I once had. Know that she

hurts for what she has not, and let you heart guide your actions, and alter the course of destiny for one so innocent.

By the way . . . . . . . . You may know my name

                                         My name is Abbey

                                               My name is Annie

                                                      My name is Bunny

                                                             My name is Gina

                                                                    My name is Holly

                                                                           My name is Keller

  My name may just be the cat you rescue

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