Thursday, May 12, 2016


Colonel and Alana are over the moon in excitement. They look excited to you right? 
Actually they are both very excited about opening all the goodies. Colonel is sitting on them because he thinks they are all his. See that is Colonel's excited face. 
Thank you everyone for the goodies. If you would like to send Colonel something you can do so from from this link:  Amazon Smile Wish List

Thank you Natalie for the chocolate & chips for the staff and foods for the cats!
Thank you Robert Pritchard for the Amazon gift card and foods!
Thank you Robert Rasmussen for the foods!
Thank you Judith Hinton for the food and litter!
Thank you Christina Gandley for the food!

Thank you Sandra Mitchell for the food and toys!
Thank you Brian Rice for the litter!
Thank you Shannon Dunn for all the food & toys!
Thank you Connie H for all the food and litter!

Thank you Kiersten Wooldridge for the beautiful blankets
Thank you  Ana for the food!
Thank you Marlene Dash for the  food!
Thank you Alessandra Lensing for the foods!

Tips to keep your furry feline friend cool this summer

Its summer now in a lot of the US. The kitties would love to give you some summer tips on how to make sure your cat stays cool. 

If you are making Popsicle you can also make your cat some nice cool Catsicle treats. Here is a recipe :Catsicles

Make sure your cat has nice cool water to drink. You can add a few ice cubes to their water to keep it cool. Also make sure their water is nice and fresh. There are many water fountains that you can purchase that filters the water to keep it fresh and cool.
Don't put your cats food or water near windows or sunlight so it stays cool. Make sure you have plenty of water around for your kitty and its keep fresh and cool.

Put a fan near your cats favorite spot and also have air conditioning for them. 
Keep them shaded. Close the curtains so the sun is not coming in the room they spend the most time in during the hot summer months. If you do not have AC, make sure you have fans to circulate the air in the room where your kitty stays the most during the hottest time of the day.

Make sure you have some bare floors for them to lay on instead of carpet all summer. 
If you have good window screens on your windows you can open them. Your cat will love sitting on the window sill enjoying the breeze or watching birds. Make sure the screens are secure and your cat can in no way get out of the window.

Don't travel with your cat in your car during the summer. If you have to take them somewhere like the vet, make sure you have your Air Conditioning on, and bring along ice water.


If its really hot outside, don't play with your cat. Wait till its less hot.
Keep an eye on your cat during the hot summer months. 
 If you see your cat panting, breathing rapidly, experiencing sweaty feet or acting restless, it may be a sign  your cat is overheated. You should call your veterinarian immediately and give your cat cold water and a cool spot to lay and rest.

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