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Its been about 2 years now since I found what I think is the best place on earth and on the internet.  I am just like so many of you looking on facebook during the day. Looking at tons of different fan pages that catch my eye. As you all know, cats have taken over not just facebook but virtually the whole internet. They are in our news feeds from our friends sharing fan pages, videos, and pictures.They are being tweeted,instagramed, blogged, pinterested, youtubed, and any where else you can find online you will probably find a cat picture.
So that is how it all started for me. I saw the picture of a cat in facebook from a group called Blind Cat Rescue. It was this big fluffy kitty that looked almost like my cats. Of Course I had to go check it out. I learned that her name was Lisa and she was blind. She was a very sick little kitty when BCR got her. You could not tell it now though.
She is a very sweet girl that loves people and loves to play.

So as I found out more and more about BCR through their webpage and Facebook fan page. I also discovered that they did live tours several times a day. Someone that worked at BCR would go around with a camera and video the cats and play with them, pet them, and tell you their names and something about them. These tours lasted between 30 and 45 mins.
They where done on Ustream. Also you could chat with other people watching the tours. I am a bit shy when it comes to chatting in chat groups like this. At first I just lurked as we call it.I watched the cats and the chat but did not say anything. I watched how everyone was so nice to everyone when they logged into chat. Every greeted everyone with smiles and hearts.

Eventually I said hi and was immediately welcomed to the group and told to just jump in and ask questions or whatever. I felt right at home immediately. Every day I started watching the Ustream live feed to see the cats and then watching the tours as I could. I was becoming more and more hooked. As I got to know the people that chatted on Ustream as well as the staff that also chatted with us as they where doing the tours, I knew this was a very special cat rescue center.

Although I am from the US, I live in Sweden now. So going to actually volunteer in person is not that easy. I started out by supporting BCR in sending gifts to the cats from their Amazon wish list.
Then I decided I wanted to become a sponsor to one of the kitties. When you become a sponsor you pick a cat and for 30 dollars a month you get pictures of your cat sent to you in the mail as well as letters with updates.You get a nice Christmas picture of your cat also.The money goes towards helping to feeding them and any vet bills they might have There are many many ways you can donate and help the cats no matter where you live in the world. 

Then I wanted to help even more. Since I do graphic and web design I started just taking pictures of the cats and doing graphics with them. I send the owner of BCR, Alana Miller a email and ask her if I could volunteer some time in this way to help her and the cats. It started out by me just making a picture for the cat of the day. Then I started making more pictures for different things, helping with her cafe press store and things of that nature. I also started helping her with her social media as well. So right now I am working as a volunteer from half way around the world. I love knowing that I am helping the cats as much as I can.

There are so many ways you can help the kitties at BCR. You can sponsor a cat or as many as you want. You can become a sustainer and just send whatever you can afford every month. You can go to Amazon and send items from their wish list or send something else to the kitties like beds, toys, climbers. You can help us on facebook by clicking on the contests we post so we can win money for the kitties or products.
Also one big thing you can do is please like and share all our posts on Facebook. You can never share too much. 

So please come join us on Ustream to watch the kitties at: http://www.ustream.tv/blindcatrescue
Come read about the kitties and how you can help at our website: https://www.blindcatrescue.com/
Send us something  from our wishlist on Amazon: http://smile.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/14VUTQST8F5XH

Do I plan to go over and visit BCR and the kitties. Absolutely. In 2017 sometime for about 2 weeks.
Until then I will be watching online and helping where I can.


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