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I had the chance to talk to one of my good friends Fiona Dudley this weekend. I ask her if she would tell her story about how she found out about BCR and what BCR means to her.
Her story starts off like most of ours. We usually find BCR on Facebook. Then as we get more curious we usually go to their webpage: Blind Cat Rescue where we start reading about all the wonderful kitties, what they do at BCR, how we can help out through Amazon Smile wishlist and sponsor kitties.

After this we find Ustream where we can watch the kitties in real time as well as see tours everyday of rooms full of happy cats. From personal experience you will be hooked after your first tour.

Fiona told me the first cat she saw on Ustream was Angel.
We all have our first cats :)
Below is her story of how BCR has changes her life.

Why I love Blind Cat Rescue and Sanctuary

I first found out about Blind Cat Rescue in 2012 by spotting an article/blog post about them on Facebook. I was instantly intrigued - a lifetime sanctuary for blind cats? I visited their website immediately, and learned that they also give forever homes to FeLV+ and FIV+ cats. All this was totally new to me.

At that time in my life, I was very stressed out. I was supporting our household as a self-employed  person, plus taking care of my mom who was very ill. I knew I needed to "escape" if even for a few days. Since BCR was looking for volunteers, I made a spur of the moment decision to visit them and put in some volunteer time.

I had no idea what to expect. So far, all I knew about were conditions in veterinarian practices and in shelters. Lots of noise, strange smells, and very busy people. When I first arrived at Blind Cat Rescue, I was immediately and pleasantly surprised by the calm atmosphere, impeccably clean conditions, and so many happy friendly cats who are obviously enjoying the good life.  They have everything they need there - a lovely home, caring loving staff, the best food, and all their medical needs met. Wow, I was instantly impressed!

I arrived ready to work. And boy did I work! Sure, I got my share of back aches and sore knees. My thanks go out to all the staff for helping to break in a "newbie" - the employees there are very friendly, helpful, forgiving, and appreciate having a little extra help.

By the time I got home from my first volunteer stint, I was hooked. I kept going back to volunteer. I started following BCR's website and Facebook presence as it grew. Before long they were live broadcasting streaming video, daily tours, and live "chat and boxes" time when generous gifts from supporters are opened, and thanks given. By now I'm an addict!

Blind Cat Rescue and Sanctuary's facility and mission are so unique, I felt I wanted to do more to support them. Since 2012 I've done a few wild and crazy things to help them raise donations. On "dares" I had all my hair shaved off, live and taped for posterity forever on the interwebs. I got my first tattoo (in my 50's) featuring their unique logo cat. I even broke my arm, jumping off a 30-foot high platform onto a stunt airbag as part of a contest! Thinking it was a bruise, I jumped a second time. Ah well, live and learn - but I would do it again for them. Nowadays I sponsor two cats - Pearl (blind and FIV+) for a friend of mine in Argentina, and Lisa the wild and crazy and very floofy blind, long-haired cow cat with 'tude. I send donations when I can, and participate in online contests and challenges to help them raise funds so these cats will always have a forever home.

I can't tell this story of mine without telling you about my own blind cat, Athena. Back in 2013,  a county shelter near Blind Cat Rescue had a kitten with a bad upper respiratory infection that had destroyed her eyes. She was slated for euthanasia. Blind Cat Rescue was unfortunately full up (they have NC legal limits on capacity) but the founder & owner, Alana, sent me a picture of Athena. I fell in love with her right away! With Alana's help, and help from her vet, Athena had her bad eyes removed and all her veterinary needs taken care of while I made plans to get down there and take home my new furkid. It took a village. A village I will forever be grateful for, especially Alana for practically dangling Athena in front of me!

Athnea - Fiona's Blind Cat

This brings up an important note about BCR. People often ask, are they available for adoption? Why don't you adopt them out! That's because BCR is a forever home that takes in some of the roughest cases - including cats who have been through very bad situations. These cats now have a home for the rest of their lives. That's why they do not adopt out - BCR is a forever home to cats who never knew one. BCR does, however, cross-post other cats in need and does a great deal in terms of community support for pets.

When my mom passed away in 2013, I found myself at loose ends in life. What do I do? I'm in my 50's, had given up my own business while taking care of mom, and was living on a thread. I had to decide how I would spend the rest of my life. I decided - it's about time I do something I really love. Blind Cat Rescue was my inspiration to go back to college and become a Registered Veterinary Technician. I want to emphasize how important BCR was, and is, for changing my life.

Getting an award at school!

It's now 2016. I'm still in college, graduating in 2017. It's not an easy path but it is one I love - and I credit Blind Cat Rescue AND all the many very good friends I've made, all over the country and the world, for inspiring me, educating me, and supporting me through this journey.
Thanks Fiona for a wonderful testament to what BCR is all about. 

Thank you so much for all the gifts from our Amazon Wish list!
We couldn't do it with out your generosity!!  We are very grateful to you for all you do for the cats!

Thank you Helen Volk for the toys and scratch & Rest!
Happy Birthday Angie & Thank you for the toys!
Thank you Stephen for the foods & Toys!!
Thank you unnamed for the Amazon Gift Card!
Thank you Dawn Naska for the dryer sheets & Blanket!
Thank you Stephen and Charity Logan for the Amazon Gift card!
Thank you Karen Lyons for the Amazon Gift card!
Thank you unnamed for the food!
Thank you Michael Tongish for the freshstep!!
Thank you Gail Kulikowsky for the glucose strips, toys and towels!
Thank you Heathermarie Brown for the foods and toys!
Thank you Anthony Cavin for the scratch and rest!
Thank you Jeremy Lucas for the scratch and rest!
Thank you  Diana Anzaldua for the food and scratch and rest
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Thank you Greg Thompson for the towels!
Thank you unnamed for all the food!
Thank you Pete Harned  for all the neosporin!
Thank you unnamed for the neosporin!
Thank you Katie Auwaerter for the food!

Thank you Jeremy Lucas for the food and toys!

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