Friday, March 25, 2016


Chester is happy about all the goodies from our supporters. 
Thank you so much for the gifts from our Amazon Wish list!
Thank you Carol Boshears for the cave beds!
Thank you Connie H for the foods, peroxide, masks!
Thank you Gary Belton for the amazon gift card!
Thank you unnamed for the laundry soap, peroxide, dish soap, toys, and food!
Thank you Dawn Naska for the nasal spray!
Thank you Gayle Blackham for the food and laundry soap!

Ciao from Italy, Snicker ! I'm Summer, a blind 6 year old cat, and my human mum (who is sponsoring Camille) would like to know how to play with me, what are the best toys or ways of interacting with cats who only see with their hearts :-) Thank you, purrs to you all ! Summer =^.^=

Hi Summer, Aww thank you for adopting a blind kitty into your homes and your hearts and thank you so much for sponsoring Camille. Us blind kitties do love to play. We play just like our friends that can see.   People always say they would never know we where blind if they where not told. We have great hearing and smelling senses so we know where our toys are. Here are some of our favorite toys at BCR

Toys that make noise are always good

Dont forget about our contests too.
~*~*~ LAST DAY ~*~* Contest - We hope you will nominate the blind, FIV & FELV+ cats! ♥
Scroll down and click the button that says "$1,000 A Day Give Away" Only 1 entry per person - last entry day is TODAY! The info you will need for the survey is in the picture below :) Thank you for helping and please share. **NOTE - Non-US people may nominate us - just use our phone number (in the photo) when it asked for a US phone number.

Chester the pester hopes you will click today to help the blind, FIV & FELV+ cats :)
Your daily click raised over $700 last month! That buys a lot of food for the cats!!
Please tell your friends also. 

Also we are raising money to put a much needed sprinkler system in our buildings. 
Please if you can donate even if its only 5 dollars. It all adds up.
Share and tell your friends and family to help as well.
 Please donate now! Fundraiser Link=>
or our PayPal address is
 (yes there is no Y at the end of "Sanctuary")
We ask will you please help us with this fundraiser
 to help keep the blind, FELV and FIV+ kitties safe.
Thank you for caring and sharing!!                

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