Wednesday, March 16, 2016


A wonderful article about moving with your cat,  well worth reading :)

Thank you so much to everyone for their gifts from our Amazon wish list!

This is from over a week!

Thank you Andrea Day for the toys and litters!
Thank you Ann Marie Figiel for the food!
Thank you Alexander Tindall for the syringes and food!
Thank you Amy Weber for the scratch and rest!
Thank you Barbara Drew for the toys!
Thank you Bochra Drissi for the Amazon Gift Card!
Thank you Chrissy Raybine, Julius & Ty for the toys and collars!
Thank you Christine Gloeckner for the toys and syringes!
Thank you Erin Trejo for the litter scooper!
Thank you Gail Yeats for the food and fountains!
Thank you Gloria Phillips for the food!
Thank you Heidi Lepisto for the Sharps container
Thank you Heidi Stuck for the foods, syringes and water filters!
Thank you Jacob Lamb for the food!
Thank you Jake Lamb for the pink bed!
Thank you June Henry for the food and fortiflora!
Thank you Kathleen Lapinski for the litter scoop!
Thank you Kerstin for the syringes!
Thank you Kerstin Miller for the food!
Thank you Laura Weyer for the laundry soap and filters!
Thank you Linden Carden for the thermometer covers!
Thank you Lisa, Zeb, Bumblee & Frankie Mikula for the food!
Thank you Mary Terry, Mandy & Lily for the food!
Thank you Mary Terry, Mandy and Lily for the food & bed!
Thank you Megan for the food!
Thank you Melissa Ingramm for the litter!
Thank you Melissa Jones for the fortiflora!
Thank you Nina Cartagena-Pruden for the food, syringes, pill popper and toys
Thank you Rebcca Mowery for the cat litter!
Thank you Rosalyn Green for the food!
Thank you Sandy Brown for the food!
Thank you Sheila Hallett for the food!
Thank you Shelah Reisman for the food!
Thank you Stanley, Ollie, Yeti and Jerry Garcia Hunt for the  food!
Thank you unnamed for all the food, syringes, masks, food, laundry soap!
Thank you unnamed for the banana bed!

Thank you to everyone that came to open house this weekend!

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