Saturday, June 27, 2015


Watch These Freak Cats Who Love Their Baths Confuse The World Over

by Catie Keck

If you’ve ever been the proud owner of a cat, you’ve probably established some interesting ideas about their feelings toward water.
For instance, I raised a rescue cat whose affinity for water was so great that, if he wasn’t granted access to the shower while it was running, he would cry incessantly until he was let near the water. And despite popular belief (and a trove of evidence to the contrary),not all cats hate water. Allow me to loop in some animal experts to debunk this erroneous assumption.
Animal Planet tackled this issue on its pets blog. “Scientists contend that cats’ dislike of water comes from house cats’ owners shielding them from the elements since the earliest periods of domestication and from their ancestors — wild cats in Europe, Africa and China’s desert cat — whose limited experience with water did not require adapting and evolving to deal with it,” they write. They add that some big cats tend to stay out of water to avoid large water-dwelling predators like crocodiles. Cats also don’t need to bathe very often because they’re self-groomers.
But if you’d like further video proof of cats who cherish bath time, behold reader! Below we have a whole compilation of cats who’ll forever change your perception of our cunning feline overlords.

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