Tuesday, April 28, 2015


9 Mind Blowing Cat Facts

Our lovely friends over at BuzzFeed have another wonderful video for you today! This one is filled with 9 mind-blowing facts about cats that you might not know! Of course, if you’re a category 10 cat-lover, then you probably DO know about these… but you never know! You might just learn something new! ☺
To be honest, a few of these facts were news to me! But there is one thing I know for sure … Cats basically rule the world. These unique facts only solidify that statement! What other animal do you know can be so cute and cuddly, while simultaneously getting exactly what they want from you… even after they just threw up on your favorite sweater!? ;)

Oh cats, we love you and sometimes want to yell at you, all at the same time! No wonder people call us the “crazy cat lady” (or guy)… We must be crazy to love you as much as we do, even though we KNOW you’re more than likely manipulating us! :-p You win, cats… You win.

Yep! Cats are pretty darn special. Check out the facts to see if you learn something new about your little one. Here is the link:

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