Wednesday, October 1, 2014


The 2014 Raffle has Started!!!

  Lots of great prizes!!    Grand prize is a trip to BCR :)
Below are just a couple of the prizes to wet your whistle.  Raffle starts on October 1, ends on 11/13 and the tickets will be drawn during open house on 11/15.   Tickets are only $10 :)   Here is the link!

Trixie Cat

Kindle Fire HD

Large Climber

Car bed  and no, LT & Sterling are not included :)

Can Cats Have Milk?

When presented with a bowl of milk, most cats will happily lap it up. But like a lot of things that taste really good to cats and humans—milk may not be the best treat. Lactose intolerance is fairly common among felines, so that tasty beverage you offered out of love could backfire and end in diarrhea or vomiting. 

Luckily, you can take milk off the table and still have lots of options for spoiling your cats, including feeding quality treats formulated just for them, playing with a catnip-filled toy or a wand festooned with ribbons, snuggling on the couch to watch "Too Cute Kittens” on Animal Planet and gentle petting. When it comes to beverages, the best choice is plain but healthy water. 

A regular water bowl — wide and shallow — and a spare may be all your cats need, but you can take extra steps to encourage hydration by including wet food in their diet plan, adding a meat-flavored electrolyte supplement to their water or investing in a fountain to deliver a steady stream of water to drink (and play with). 

In most cases, cats will drink what they need to stay hydrated. If your cat seems to be avoiding his water, try a simple test to assess his hydration. When you pinch a bit of skin above the shoulders it should quickly return to place. If it "tents” instead, that’s a sign of dehydration and your cat should visit the vet ASAP.

Product Review

 The cat love to scratch, rub and lay on them. They also love to play with them do to the catnip you can place on it.

Bigger cats can be rough on them, legs are easy to break off and they chew on them.

Watch out if you don't take of the catnip off the bottom, your cat can find it and tear it apart all over the house, then you'll have a hyper cat running everywhere. :)  

BCR Cat approved

Paul's favorite toy!  Also likes to chew on them :)

Autumn says they are a great place to sleep!

Angel likes them for laying around

As you can see,  this product is approved by the BCR Cats!

If you would like to get one for your cats,  They will love it!
here is the link:

They are on sale today!!! 35% off!!

                Next week is the last week to be a winner for the special edition Halloween T-Shirt!!!   Rule and details at 

You need to be liking, and commenting on Facebook to win the shirt,  Shares are super appreciated!

LOTS OF CONTESTS! We Hope you will vote for the blind cats!

1. Help us catify the shelter, 1 vote every 3 hours!

One vote every 24 hours. 

Thank you for helping!!