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10 Litter Box Tips, Part 1

10 Litter Box Tips, Part 1
Jackson took the time to write about the issues that cats and people have with litter boxes.  He has a lot of valuable stuff to share! His 10 Tips on Litter Boxes will be split into two separate blog posts.  Here’s Part 1.
In my experience of visiting the homes of frustrated, had-it-up-to-here cat guardians over the past 15 years, I can tell you that there are there are actually two ends to the problem, so to speak; your cat’s problem, and your problem.

Your Cat’s Problem

Your cat can be experiencing physical dis-ease which makes the litter box a decidedly unfriendly place. He or she could also be reacting to environmental stress/anxiety, which can include problems with other cats or dogs, children, feral cats outside threatening their territorial security, etc. Of course I’m painting the problem with a large brush, but you get the idea.

Your Problem

Then there’s your problem. You hate pee and poop around the house, naturally; but you also hate litter boxes. You can’t stand the idea of multiple boxes, don’t want to look at them in your main living space, resent the constant scooping and, perhaps, you just don’t want to be reminded that your animal companions are actually praised for relieving themselves in the most sanctified of places, your home.

Ten Litter Box Tips

With this in mind, the following tips are just that – tips. There is a deeper commitment to actually sharing space, that must happen before problems are solved. Remember, if your cat’s litter box habits aren’t exactly stellar, he is raising a red flag, trying to tell you that all is definitely not right in his world. And it’s your job, as the human who loves him, to make things right.

Put on your cat detective hat and let’s think outside the box (and wish for inside)!
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