Thursday, August 28, 2014


Thank you so much for the gifts from our wish lists!

Amazon never gives us your contact info,  (often they do not put in a packing slip or give us your name)  Please accept our apology for not personally contacting you!  We are very grateful to you for your gifts.  Without you,  there would not be us :)

These were opened over several days

Thank you Autumn Heep for the toys!

Thank you Aysa Acar for the bowl, q-tips, food, dishwashing soap and toys!
Thank you Barbara Daley for the food, play cube, paper towels and tunnel!
Thank you Beate Schaefer for the screwdriver set, shark pads and toys!
Thank you Bryan Shrouf for the towel set, food and toy!
Thank you Cheryl Horrocks for the amazon gift card!
Thank you Christian Schmid for the track toy, toys and food!

Thank you Christine Walker for the catnip toys!
Thank you Connie Godwin for the food!
Thank you Dana Clwell for the baza cat tree!
Thank you Diana Aird for the catnip toys!
Thank you Esther Ayonoadu for the food!
Thank you Evette Grabarek for the shark pads, food and toys!
Thank you Jean Hahn for the dishwashing soap!
Thank you Jeanie Chen for the food and screwdriver set!
Thank you Laila Ali for the food!
Thank you Lauri Chupka for the foods and toy!

Thank you Mary Fornelius for the food and toys!
Thank you Mary Movick for the food!
Thank you Melissa Fulkerson for the towel sets!
Thank you Melissa Rhonemus for the food!
Thank you Michelle Bowman for all the wubba toys!
Thank you Nicole Pinto for the step stool, paper towels, towel sets and toys!
Thank you Rhonda Owens for the scratch and rests and catnip toys!
Thank you Susan Pipitone for the scratch and rest, freshstep, food, trashbags, q-tips and toys!
Thank you Treasure Arquieta for the foods!
Thank you unnamed for the catnip!

Tomorrow the first winner of the Halloween shirt will be awarded.   Will you be the winner?   Rules and details can be found