Saturday, August 2, 2014



Casper has been with us since 2007.  He was adopted by a wonderful lady that lived in NYC.
Her other cats absolutely hated this playful kitten  (they were much older queen bees)  She wanted
to find a place that would take care of him and love him for the rest of his life.  Not only
did she personally fly him to us but she also gave us a substantial donation that
helped us build our first small building and sponsors him for the rest of his life.

He is a friendly fellow that loves catnip!  You may watch 
and his roommates today LIVE on

Casper with Wendy

We are so excited to hosting the Dare Me 4 Charity event Saturday 8/8 !!  If you are coming and need directions or have special needs,  please let us know so we can try to accommodate you.  We will have coffee, donuts and water for everyone!  Jumpers please try to be here around 8-9 am for safety lessons and check in.  BCR jumpers,  we do have shirts for you :)  


Have you bought yours? here is the link (it is fixed now) 

Thank you so much for your gifts from our Amazon wish list for the blind cats!!!

It was so very kind and generous of you and we deeply appreciate your support!!

Amazon never gives us your contact info and often have no names on the packing slips or even packing slips in the box,  please forgive us if we do not personal thank you....

This is from several days of box openings :)

Thank Stacy Avila for the cat tree!
Thank you  Macia Davidson for the food, TP and toy!
Thank you Abu Sayem Molla for the toys!
Thank you Andrew And Ann Robichaux for the scratch and rests, tower of tracks, TP, cat nip toys and motion toy!
Thank you Andrew and Robichaux for the freshsteps
Thank you Anne Nelson for the amazon gift card!
Thank you Bonnie Wallace for the catnip toy and play cube!
Thank you Carol Takvorian for the freshsteps!
Thank you Caroline Delfino for the Amazon Gift Card!
Thank you Carolyn Walker for the foods!

Thank you Cheryl Moreau for the freshstep!
Thank you Christina Lee Aldridge for the replacement pads, toys, and food!
Thank you Christine Johanns for the cleaner and food!
Thank you Clare Iazarow for the foods!
Thank you Deborah Buel for the freshstep, hummingbird food & dryer sheets!
Thank you Debra Barber for the crystal litter!
Thank you Debra DiMascio for the wubba toys!
Thank you Denise Opsta for the Amazon Gift Card!
Thank you Dennis Esterline for all the toys!
Thank you Diane Peronek for the food!
Thank you Gintas Janusonis for the toy!

Thank you Jean Dubuque for the foods!
Thank you Jose Confesor for the freshstep!
Thank you Kathleen Crowley-Fisher for the scratch and rests, trash bags, cleaner & gain!
Thank you Kimberly Tischer for the food!
Thank you Lisa Goldsmith for the tower of tracks!
Thank you Lynda Orchard for the freshstep!
Thank you Matt Broughton  for the shark pads
Thank you Michael Clark for the foods and toys!
Thank you Miriam Fennell for the cleaner!
Thank you Miss Simmons and the toys!

Thank you Nancy Wachlin for the amazon gift card!
Thank you Nico Keusch for the dishwashing foam, and toys!
Thank you Rachel Borns for the car bed!
Thank you Rachel Jones Albert for the food!
Thank you Renee Martin for the trash beds, cleaner and shark pads!
Thank you Rosemary Cassese for the litter, hummingbird nectar and shark pads!
Thank you Sheri Liguori for the food and black light!
Thank you Sheryl Harrison for the freshstep and food!
Thank you Susan Tingley  for the trashbags, shark pads and toy!
Thank you Tracy Bishop for the balls!
Thank you unnamed for the dry food, foods, toys, freshsteps, paper towels, crystal litter, shark pads and trixie caves!
Thank you Vicki Banker for the crystal litter, toy, and scratch and rest!

Don't forget we are in LOTS of contests right now, 
The prize money would help pay for lots of vet coverage for the cats :)
Thank you so much for helping the cats!!

Contest 1:  $50,000!! first prize,
 1 vote every 24 hours   

Contest 2,  $25,000  first prize 

CHARITY JUMP   We need MORE TICKETS to hold First Place.

We are in a charity jump in Raleigh on August 8.  HUMAN Teams will be participating jumping off of a platform 32 feet in the air onto a giant pillow.  The team that jumps the most total feet will win $25,000

You do NOT have to come and jump,  WE will Jump For You!!  

We need you to buy tickets for us to jump :)    Here is the link for team Raleigh,  
Please Only get them for Raleigh,    we have a HUGE team jumping

Here is the link:   

 for TEAM RALEIGH, The HUMANS will jump for you if you can not attend, So you can buy a ticket no matter where you are!   If you are in the Raleigh area and would like to come jump with us,  please email me :)

 Please assign your ticket to us to jump! After you get your tickets click my account, my tickets, assign, type in to assign the tickets. Thank you for helping!!

Contest 3,  $1,000.  first prize,  daily vote