Sunday, August 10, 2014


Thank you to everyone that helped make our Dareme4charity possible!!  We will know in a few weeks if we won :)  Hope you enjoy the videos and pictures :)

Christina's daughters going off,  Moo Cow, Cassie, Victor

Jeremiah & Brandon

Me (I can not believe they got me to dress in that outfit!!, Moo and I am sorry but not sure the lady what is with us.

Angela came up from Florida to be with us,  The cat in the hat lady :)

Looking down from the platform...  

Cassie going off

Team BCR!

Stephanie, Christina and her daughters

Staff and Julia

Aspen (the produce of DM4C and Me

The staff :)  Great People   

Jellybean ask have you gotten your cookbook yet?   Here is the link, tells you all about it, and there is a video about it. We will ship to all countries
Thank you for helping the cats!

Have you voted today for the cats to win $50,000 ?? One vote every 24 hours. Here is the link: Thank you for helping!! Please Like & Share

Thank you so much to all the wonderful people for all their generous gifts for the cats from our wish list!!!  It was so kind of you!!

Amazon often does not tell us who sent the gifts, and some do not even have packing slips.  They NEVER give us your Contact info so we have no way to personally contact you.    Please know how grateful we are to you for your kindness!!

This is Several days of box openings!!

Thank you Bobbi Marolt for the toys and food!
Thank you Carla for the food, motion toy, play cube, catnip toys and paper towels!
Thank you Cheryl Roberts for the freshsteps and trashbags!!
Thank you Chris Mathison for the play cube!
Thank you Christian Schmid for the food and cleaner!
Thank you Christina for the toys, tunnel and play cube!
Thank you Connie Colvin for the food in honor of Feisty boy and Jewel!
Thank you Dawn Stone for the track toy, buff balls and catnip toy!
Thank you Deborah Dawson for the foods, toy,  and cleaner!

Thank you Diana Aird for the hurricane lamps!
Thank you Eileen Magnaye for the freshstep!
Thank you Erika, Frankie & Louise for the foam balls and shooter!
Thank you Gayle Blackham for the freshstep!
Thank you Gayle Blackham for the lantern and food!
Thank you James Kovacs for the food!
Thank you Kathlyn Williams for the scratch and rest, cleaner, q-tips, food and toys!
Thank you Kurt, Mirah & Tootie for the toys, foo and freshstep!
Thank you Linda Carden for the solar lights!
Thank you Linda Higgins for the food!

Thank you Linda Mabe for the feather wand, catnip toys, food and q-tips!
Thank you Lisa Fisher for the towel sets!!!
Thank you Melissa Davis for the track toy, catnip toys, ear cleaner, food, cleaner, cuddly cat cave, trixie cat tree, hummingbird food, floor cleaner and scratch and rest!
Thank you Miriam Fennel for the cat tree and crystal cat litter!
Thank you Misty Orner for the catnip toys, cube, food, banana bed, trixie cat tree, hummingbird food and toys!

Thank you Nancy Gibson for the food!
Thank you Pete Markall for the foods and cleaner!
Thank you Robertsa for the cleaner, catnip toy and trash bags!
Thank you Sandra Bell for the food and trixie tree!
Thank you to several unnamed people for all the foods, paper towels, gummis, motion toy, freshstep!
Thank you Tom Ehrhardt for the freshstep!
Thank you Vetericyn, Inc for all the health products for the cats!