Tuesday, March 7, 2017


Manxi wants to thank everyone for the kitty goodies they sent us last week. Remember if you want to send something to the kitties you can do so by using our Amazon Wish List Link below:

Thank you unnamed for the gas drops!
Thank you Gabrielle Smith for the test strips, and foods!
Thank you Laurie James for the gift cards in honor and memory of her mother Donna Humphreys!

Thank you Ione Brown for the garden memorial for Jerry!
Thank you Loretta Ora for the gas drops!
Thank you Debbie for the forti flora!
Thank you unnamed for the food!

Thank you Julianne Marrie for the gas drops, syringes and Q-Tips!
Thank you Paige for the gas drops and food!
Thank you Victor Pfluger for the food and syringes!
Thank you unnamed for the food!

Thank you Cindy Smith for donating q-tips and insulin testing strips in memory of Niles and Sheba!
Thank you R. Cook for the Amazon Gift Card!
Thank you Linda for the big box of gloves & 2 books!

Thank you to the several unnamed people for the foods, hand sanitizer, dish soap, syringes
Thank you Jaime Tafoya  for the food and syringes
Thank you Melissa Strange for the Amazon Gift card!

As you can see our kitties love goodies from Amazon, 
so much that they climb up on the boxes before they
are opened. They ask that if you can, please send more
boxes from our Amazon Wish list so they can climb
up on them.
Thank you so much for your support. Tomorrow we have 
a article coming out about high blood pressure in cats. 
Very informative and something everyone that has cats
needs to read and know about. 

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