Thursday, March 16, 2017


Bunny is a sweet little blind girl that loves people but does
not like other cats. That is why she shares the lobby 
with Snicker. She is very thankful to be at BCR
because she would have been put to sleep otherwise.
Your donations help us help kitties like Bunny. 
If you would like to send something you can do so
from our Amazon wish list link:

Thank you Linda for the books!
Thank you Sharon Dreyer for the beautiful handmade blankets and beds!
Thank you Cookie Ambler for the gas drops!
Thank you Martin Owen for the foods!
Thank you Dawn Naska for all the food!

Thank you Alistair Norwood for the gift card!
Thank you Cookie Ambler for the food!
Thank you Sherry Tegeler for the food and towels!
Thank you unnamed for the food!

Thank you Karen Cook for the memorial stones!
Thank you Craig Smith for the cat litter!
Thank you Lisa Brown for the food, Q-tips and syringes!
Thank you John Ruzicka for the foods in honor of Yar! 
Thank you unnamed for the foods!
Thank you Gabrielle Smith for the food!

Thank you B. Lufkin for the food, clorox and test strips!
Thank you Laurie Turcotte for the amazon gift card!
Thank you Shokkou for the foods!
Thank you Christina Gandley for the foods!

You can vote every hour now, so please vote as
much as you can.
Scroll down the page until you find BCR. 
Thank you so much for taking the time to vote.
This can feed alot of kitties here at BCR

I want to thank Nancy Schodowski for the pictures I used
for the blog. She goes to Open House every month
since she lives only about a hour from BCR and
she takes great pictures of the kitties.

I have another blog post coming out with more thank yous
to people that sent goodies to the kitties and I will be using some
more of her pictures.

We also have another article coming out later today 
from Mandy about plants that are dangerous
to both cats and most of them are also
dangerous to dogs as well. We thought since spring is coming,
well maybe it does not seem like it this week (LOL), but 
we thought we should do a article just to remind everyone
of how dangerous many plants are to your animals.
Some plants can even kill them. So that will
be posted later today. 

Also don't forgot to do your
This money really adds up also in helping us buy food for the 
kitties every month. They have a new website, it's really nice,
does not cost you more than a few seconds of your time every
day to just go in and click for BCR. 

Also  Today OnlyAmazon is celebrating its #1 ranking in customer satisfaction by the ACSI!
Today, March 16, Amazon will donate 5% (10 times the usual donation rate)
 of the price of your eligible AmazonSmile purchases to
 Blind Cat Rescue & Sanctuary Inc.
Get started at
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