Friday, February 10, 2017


Wifi wants to thank everyone for the 
gifts we got this week for the kitties. 

If you would like to send the kitties something you can 
do so by using the link below:

You can also send things to the kitties from
Your first order you can pick BCR and they will donate
20 dollars to our rescue as well.
They also have a program called
Chewy Autoship
On your first order you get 20% off. After that each additional
order you get 5% off. You pick your products and schedule
your shipments from 1 week to 6 months in the future.
You can change the items in your order or cancel at any time.
They have everything you need for your special
kitties here at BCR and your own kitties as well.
Thank you Second Hand Cafe for the big box of goodies!!
Thank you Brandi Reidenhour for the food and water holders!
Thank you unnamed for all the gloves!

Thank you unnamed for the food!
Thank you Michelle DeWitt for the syringes and food!
Thank you Dorothy Smith and Luna for the gift cards!
Thank you Christina Gandley for all the food!

Thank you Crystal S for the bleach packs, food and syringes!
Thank you Casey Luke for the food!
Thank you Lorena for the food!

Thank you Linda for all the hummingbird food, bird seed and bee food!
Thank you J. Thompson for the joint supplement!
Thank you unnamed for the cat litter!

Thank you Glenn Croft for the gift card!
Thank you unnamed for the gift card!
Thank you to the many unnamed for the packages of food,
 amazon did not give us a packing slip or your names!

Thank you Michele for the food!
Thank you Melissa Green hut for all the food!
Thank you Lorna Ste. Marie for the syringes, dish cleaner and bleach packs!

*~*~New Fundraiser! *~*~ 
Shirts for sale, 6 colors, sizes to 4 XL, International shipping!!
100% of the donations will be used to save lives with our spay/neuter program.
Your kindness will help save lives and prevent thousands
of homeless babies from being born.
Here is the link==

Bear wants to remind everyone about Open House tomorrow!

Princess Molly also wants to thank you for all your support
for her and the kitties here at BCR. 

As you might have noticed the blog is getting a overhaul.
I am still working on it so you will see changes
for a little while longer until I get everything
in it that I want. There are going to be more
Dear Snickers and also we would like for our fans 
to send in a little story about their pet(s) with a couple 
pictures. We are going to start posting those
as well. They do not have to be only cats
they can be any pet you have. You can send your story
into Snicker at:

As always thank you to Cheryl for some of the pictures I use
for the blog.  Also we have a new writer that is helping
me write some informative articles. Mandy Cooper is a
supporter, ustream chatter and part of the BCR family. If you are a member
or our Friends of BCR group on Facebook you will see
every day a cross stitch of the cat of the day.
 She also does those. 
You can also see a lot of pictures from Cheryl on there as well that you
won't see otherwise. 
Mandy ask me if there was anything
else she could help with so I ask her if she would be 
interested in writing some articles and she said sure.
Her first article was published yesterday and she did a 
great job and its a great help for me as well. 

We hope you enjoy the blog and please do not
forget to subscribe to our newsletter and also
share our blog with your friends. :)

Gena A

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