Thursday, February 2, 2017

Dear Snicker-Feb 2

Hey guys, your favorite hard working cat Snicker here.
Thought I would take the time to try to answer some emails today.
So first we have one from Cliff the cat

Hello Snicker,
My name is Cliff and I live in Illinois. My mom wishes I would cuddle more, but I can't be bothered with that. Any tips on how to make the mom lady feel loved, while maintaining my cat like independence?

Hey Cliff,
Well you know how us cats are. Some of us like to cuddle, some like to be held, some like to sleep in the bed with their owners. Oh wait no one owns us cats do they *Grins* Many cats just do not like to cuddle. It does not mean you do not love your mom. You are just more independent. Many of the kitties here at BCR do not like to be picked up, or held and some do not even want to be bothered with humans. Others here will get in your lap as soon as you sit down and we have some that will climb on your back and shoulders. So cliff I am sure your mommy knows you love her and by the looks of the picture you love shoes too. *Purrs*


Our next letter is from Sofia:
Hey Snicker? How are you? I really wanted to ask you a question. Is there another cat that's older than you, if so, how old is she/he? By the way, my kitty named Rufus says hello from Texas. And I also love the way that you guys take care of the animals, I really want to go! One of my goals is to go there and pet every single cat and kitty.
Lots of love from Texas,

Hey Sofia. I am great, Thank you so much for asking. Yes there are many cats here at BCR that are older then me. The oldest is Abbey who is 18 now. She is in the other building in the blind room. Then there is old man Keller as we call him. We think he is around 16 or 17. Several of the other blind kitties are older then I am. We would love for you to come visit. We have a wonderful guest house for people to stay at. We only ask in return that you come in the mornings at 8 and work with the staff. Say hi to Rufus from me. *HeadBonks* Snicker.

Dear Snicker
I hope you can offer some advice on how to get my two rescue cats to use the cat flap we got them. They simply will not push through with their heads. They sit beside it waiting for someone to let them out. (They are really clever in all other respects.) I hook the flap open for them now, and they go in and out quite happily, but would love them to use it properly. Any tips, O wise one?
Lots of love

Hey Felicity *Grins* First of all I want to thank you so much for adopting 2 rescue kitties.
We actually have a couple cats here at BCR that will not go in and out of the cat flap to the catio. We have to make sure that they are inside if they go out with us because if not they won't come inside until someone opens the door for them. Propping it open was a great idea. If they are still not using it though you could try this.
Get a friend to help you, collect some of his favourite treats and position one person on the inside and one on the outside. The person on the outside should pop his hand through the flap and give the cat a treat. Repeat this a few times, then push in the flap, put the hand with a treat under again and guide the cat through. When he gets to the other side, give him a few treats and lots of praise; then repeat this the other way round. Never push the cat through! You will ruin the training and he may hurt himself.
*Headbonks to your kitties* Snicker.

I get a lot of letters asking if I am ok. Thank you everyone for asking but I am fine now. I actually just went to see the kitty doctor the other week and they did all kinds of things doctors do to check me out. They said I was fine and healthy and happy. I could have told them that *Purrs*

Many people always ask if we get treats, what treats we get and what food we eat.
Yes we get treats almost every day. Our treats must be grain free because we have kitties here that
have allergies. They have many different grain free treats at Amazon if you would like to send us something.

Also if you check out our wish list : Amazon Wish List you can see the food we like to eat right now. You know how us cats are. We change our minds about what food we want so right now we want Tiki Cat. Also our food must be grain free as well.

Bunny ordering her favorite Tiki cat food. 

People also ask do we get catnip and do we love it. Yes we get lots of catnip and our toys are put in a bucket full of catnip so they have catnip all over them when we get them back.  Most of us love catnip. That is also something you can send us from Amazon if you like. Some of our favorite catnip toys are the Cat Nip Banana and the Cat Nip Rainbow

Speaking of Amazon. We all love to shop there. My mommy shops from there all the time. I am pretty sure if they delivered groceries, she would shop those from there as well. *Grins* If you shop on Amazon please shop Amazon Smile and choose us as your charity. They really do send us money from most of the personal products people shop for themselves from Amazon.

Thank you so much for your letters. Also we would love for you to send us a picture of your kitty or kitties and maybe tell us a little story about them. How you adopted them, what they are like or anything that you would like us to know about them.  
You can send them to me at :


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