Sunday, December 4, 2016

Dear Snicker Dec 4th

Well I am back. Whee been so busy these last couple months helping my mommy get ready for Christmas and just being my adorable self with all the visitors *Purrs* We are really busy around this time getting out all the calendars, ornaments and pictures to our sponsors. I will tell you how you can get a special BCR Ornament after I answer this letter *Smiles*
So Denise wants to know:
My cat is also blind and he finds his way about the house without any problem.
Just lately he's taken to head butting the door to the understairs cupboard where the electric meter is.

I can't catch him in the act, because he's got ears like a bat and comes wandering over to me as soon as he's aware that I'm moving.
He headbutts me occasionally, especially when there is food about and he likes to rub his head on the furniture, but when he goes for the cupboard door he's really very loud with it. There are no corners or other edges which me might be "scratching" himself with.
He's about 13 years old now and has been blind all his life.
What do you think?

Denise let me first thank you for taking in a blind kitty. We are not much different from sighted kitties are we ? When we headbutt you it means hi, and that we trust you and it also is a way we share facial pheromones with you and other objects, basically claiming then.

Since I cant see I use my other senses of smell and hearing to find things and my whiskers to judge where things are also. You know as cats we do things that no one understands, sometimes we don't even understand it. There can be something here that has been here all the time and I will be walking around and smell something different and go check it out. Then its like wow is this new? Something that is mine? Well its mine now and I will just investigate it and rub on it and claim it.

Maybe that is what you kitty has done. He has smelled and heard the sound the meter makes. He may hear it and you can't.  Have you checked just to make sure there is nothing in there that should not be? Is the meter working as it should or making a sound now that it did not before?  Could a mouse have gotten in there and he smells it or is it totally secure? Just check everything to make sure its all ok. 

It may be that as I do sometimes in finding something new and exciting that then I have to explore everything about it. Since its inside a door he can't get in that makes it even more interesting. You know how we are about closed doors.  He also senses that for some reason you do not want him messing with it and now maybe it's a game to him. As long as he can not get hurt as you said there are no corners or anything and there is nothing wrong with the meter or anything inside there that should not be, he should be fine. He will just have to reside to the fact that this is a door he is not allowed to open and go inside or see what's inside there. 

You know he may find something else to become fascinated with like I do and then he may forget about that spot. 
Denise thank you so much for writing me and for taking care of such a wonderful kitty. *Headbonks*
If you would like to send me a letter you can do so at
Please though do not ask me medical questions as I am just a kitty and not a vet. If you have a medical issue please take your kitty to your veterinarian. :) 

So I said I would tell you more about the wonderful ornaments we have this year at BCR.  They are amazing. There are only 2 ways you can get one of these ornaments. You can either sponsor a kitty here at BCR or be a sustainer for 10 dollars or more a month.
So head on over to our website:Blind Cat Rescue and pick

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Christmas Tip: We all know everyone has that person that always
gives them something they just do not like, or can not use. So you have to sneak to return it so you do not hurt the persons feelings. We all know this persons means well but they just do not know what to get you that you will like. This year you could always suggest that they give a donation to BCR in your name or you could even just ask your friends and family to do this instead of giving you a present.

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