Sunday, December 25, 2016

Dear Santa Snicker

Well Snicker here and I hope you guys are having a great 
I am going to answer a few letters so lets get started. 

Hey Snicker? How are you?
I really wanted to ask you a question. Is there another cat that's older than you, if so, how old is she/he? By the way, my kitty named Rufus says hello from Texas.
I also love the way that you guys take care of the animals, I really want to go!
One of my goals is to go there and pet every single cat and kitty. 

Lots of love from Texas, 

Hi Sofia and Rufus. My mommy says I am about 6 or 7 years old.
I came from a shelter so they are not sure exactly
how old I am. The oldest cat here at BCR is 
Abby and she is about 18 years old and the next oldest is Keller who is maybe
15 or 16 years old. We have a nice guest house
that you can stay in if you ever want to come and
visit me. Just email my mommy and let her
know when you would like to come.
Hope you are having a great Christmas and thank you
so much for writing me.

Snicker, are you feeling ok? I haven't see you around much and
I hope you are just sharing the spotlight, but many of us
fans want to know.

Hi Connie. Yes I am great. I have to let the other kitties have the
spotlight too *Purrs* I have been hanging out in the 
lobby greeting people and then in room 4 playing
with my friends. Take care Connie and Merry Christmas.

Hi my name is Michaela and i am 15 years old i love animals i am from Green Bay Wisconsin  wanted to ask about what you do all day and whats your favorite food and toys also i hope you are having a good time 
                                                               Love Michaela 

Hi Michaela, what a pretty name you have. Well
I do what most cats do all day, I sleep and eat and just generally
sit around being cute. *Smiles* My favorite food is 
anything with chicken in it and my favorite toy is the 
feather toy that the staff plays with me alot of the times with.
I do the Snicker wiggle and pounce on it.
Thanks for writing and Merry Christmas

Stefan ask: How does it feel to live with such a big family at your forever home :)?
Stefan its amazing. There is always someone to play with
or snuggle with. The staff is wonderful so there
is always someone playing with me. Also we
get alot of visitors and they pet us and brush 
us and love us. So living here with everyone 
is the best thing in the world.
Merry Christmas

Hello Snicker,
My name is Cliff and I live in Illinois. My mom wishes I would cuddle more, but I can't be bothered with that. Any tips on how to make the mom lady feel loved, while maintaining my cat like independence?
Cliff and Marc

Hi Marc and Cliff.
Well some cats just are not cuddle cats. That does not mean that we
don't love you. We just are very independant like some cats are. There 
are many cats here at BCR that do not cuddle with people
but will cuddle with other cats. Every cat is different so do not
take it personally. Cliff loves you I am sure.
Merry Christmas

David wants to know:
My question is about my siamese kitty named Pretty Girl. She never purrs. She seems happy to me otherwise, i love her and give attention when she will let me, i feed her treats and she plays alot. She just seems ok. Please help Snicker!

Hi David. Some cats do not purr. It is just something we either do or don't do. There
is nothing wrong with your Pretty Girl and I am sure she loves you. She
just does not purr. They still do not understand why or how we purr exactly. 
So just love your Pretty Girl and I am sure she loves you.
Merry Christmas

Thank you for everything you so for me and the kitties here at BCR.
We hope you have a wonderful holiday. 

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