Friday, October 2, 2015


Dogs And Cats Stealing Stuff


Those little furry paws are no match for us! Watch as dogs and cats get what they want, when they want it. Even if they aren’t supposed to have it. What amazes me is how well some animals problem-solve. They are so darn smart! LOVE THIS!


Thank you so much for your gifts from our Amazon wish list!!


Amazon often does not give us packing slips and never gives us your contact info so
we have no way to personally thank you. 
  Please know how grateful we are to you
for your gifts!

Thank you Dora Hjordisardottir for the cat food and the bell for Stevie!
Thank you Douglas Sample for the cat food!
Thank you Kim Gagnon for the cat food!
Thank you Lois Rife for the replacement pads!

Cookie enjoying the cat food!

Thank you Marie Didiot for the fresh litter!
Thank you Mikaela Wolf for the fresh step!
Thank you Maureen Walsh for the blankets!
Thank you Unnamed for the cat food,air conditioner and hydrogen peroxide!

Skittles loves the new blankets!

Hermes (blind) hopes that you will please take a minute and click for the kitties! Thank you for helping!


Please help the cats win $1,000
Go to PAGE 4,  Scroll down 1/2 way and you will see
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Another prize in this years's raffle. (cat not included smile emoticon ) Get your tickets now!
All proceeds will go to help cats

Did you know your birthday can help the blind, FIV & leukemia positive cats? Details:

You can make your very own fundraiser and help the cats too!

Do you like to shop or sell on ebay!  With the fast click on the link
You can easily help the cats.  Here is some cute ebay auctions.

When you shop at Amazon,  if you log in from
and pick Blind Cat Rescue as your charity.  They will make a donation
from their foundation to the cats!  It costs you nothing extra :)

Do you walk or run? 
       If you pick Blind Cat Rescue as your charity,  every time you walk/run  they will donate to the cats!

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