Tuesday, September 29, 2015


I LOVE This! A Cat’s Guide To Loving A Human
 – TOO Funny!

Sometimes, cats just need a little extra help in how to show the “appropriate” displays of affection towards their human roommates. So here it is, the guide to loving a human, written from the cat’s perspective.

Read more at http://blog.theanimalrescuesite.com/catguide/#pbkscvupKJILzqfJ.99

Thank you so much for your gifts from our Amazon wish list!!

Snicker loves his beds!

Amazon often does not give us packing slips and never gives us your contact info so
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Thank you Frank Thomas for the food!
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Star loves to hide in the shark beds!

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Sargent loves to lay in all the beds!

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Thank you Jessica Merchant for the foods!

Camille loves the toys!

Thank you Sandra Brown for the food!
Thank you Gregg Faust for the foods!
Thank you Shirley Kelly for the foods!

Annie likes to sit on the scratch and spin!

Thank you unnamed for all the hydrogen peroxide!
Thank you Linda for the food!
Thank you unnamed for the cool hamburger beds!

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Help us provide a Heat Alert System for our local K-9 officer
This unit will monitor the a/c in the police unit when the human officer is not in the car to make sure that the a/c continues working or that the motor has not shut off. If that happens, it rolls down the windows, starts blowing the horn and sends a message to the officer's cell phone.. Will you help us keep a police officer safe? Will you make a donation now? smile emoticonhttp://blindcatrescue.org/fundraise.htm?/helpthek9

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