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Cat behavior: How to deal with calling, meowing, and howling

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If you allow it, cats can be talkative. This is especially true if you own a Siamese cat. During the day, Siamese cats are quite capable giving you an earful of meowing and howling.

The following are tips on how to stop excessive cat calling and meowing and how to stop the howling:
Give them the cold shoulder. We know that cats are big time attention grabbers. They will continually call and meow until they get your attention or whatever it is they want. If you want to stop this act, ignore them. Only turn back to them once they are calmed down and quiet again.
Proper feeding. One of the reasons cats call: They are hungry. Make sure they have enough food.
Check on your cat for any pain. If it seems your cat is meowing for no reason at all, it might be that your pet is in pain. Check your cat's entire body. If the meowing persists, and you still can’t find the source of pain, it's time to bring your pet to the vet.
Spay your cat. At the age of 5 to 6 months, a cat will reach sexual maturity. As a result of going into heat, cats howl and meow. For this reason, and many others, spay or neuter your cat.
Cat doors. A lot of cats, even those that are pampered and well-loved, still want to be allowed to go out. And then, once they are out there, they will meow to be let in again. Invest in a cat door and your cats may go in and out as they please.

(We Strongly disagree with this statement,  my cat Brian was accidentally hit by a visitor with their car at the end of open house because he was pestering me to let him go out and I caved in.  He died)

Older cats. At night, older cats seem to meow and howl for no reason at all. This can be attributed to an illness similar to humans' Alzheimer’s. They howl simply because they experience disorientation, and sometimes, they simply cannot find their way on their own turf. Consult your vet if your cat appears lost or disoriented, and stay tuned to her whereabouts if she roams outdoors.

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