Wednesday, February 25, 2015


5 Ways You Might Be Shortening Your Cat’s Lifespan

We want our cats to live as long as possible, as it already seems like the time we get to spend together is far too short. But there are many things owners commonly do that might actually be shortening their cat’s lifespan. Want to make sure you’re avoiding them? Check out this list below!

#1 – Overfeeding


Overfeeding is a very big problem for pet owners all over the world. While your cat shouldn’t be too thin, being overweight can not only make existing health conditions worse, it can create new ones. Obesity will shorten your cat’s lifespan greatly, as it puts excess stress on all of the body’s bones, joints and organs. If you need help getting your cat to a healthy weight, consult with your veterinarian.

#2 – Second-Hand Smoke


While it seems like less and less people are cigarette smokers, it’s important to note that second-hand smoke affects our cats as much as it does other people. Not only can it increase their risk for cancer and upper respiratory infections, it can worsen their allergies and make them generally uncomfortable.


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