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Today we are going to discuss blood work done for your cats.   It is imperative when your cat goes in for a checkout that you get blood work done.  At least once a year.

Here are 2 websites that explain the values pretty well.

Yearly blood work will give the vet a good idea of what is 
going on in your cats body including with the kidneys and liver.   

Joy watching the birds outside!

page 1

This is Joys blood work from yesterday.  it is an in house panel.  Which 
means we did not send it out to an outside lab.  That would give us a
more comprehensive look at the blood but we wanted to know answers
yesterday and not work.

RBC = 6   These are the red blood cells that carry oxygen,  they contain hemoglobin
(she has improved since 12/15  but came in with 6.54 on 11/27)

Hemotocrit = 21,1   This is the percentage of the blood volume occupied by red blood cells.
(she has improved since 12/15  but was 23.6 on 11/27)  
Many vets will do transfusions when this drops to under 15
 depending on other clinical signs.

Hemoglobin  7.2  The oxygen carry protein pigment in the blood. 
Low hemoglobin suggests an anemia.  
She has had a small change from 12/15  was 8.1 on 11/27

You can read up on most of the other numbers,  they are all pretty much in the
normal range except for the Eosinophils.
Eosinophils measure the number of white blood cells that are active
if you have an allergic reaction or parasitic reaction.   Hers is low
which surprised us because she is absolutely hemobart positive.

Page 2

Her numbers here (page 2)  are not that  bad.  Her BUN is showing 
come compromise with the kidneys

Her  GLU is high, but that is from stress

Her Alb/Glob is Albumin and Globulin  This measures the amount and type of protein in your blood.  Globulin is the "antibody" protein important for fighting for disease.  Her's is fighting something

She has an appointment with a specialist in Raleigh on 1/8  That was the earliest they 
could get us in unless we came in under an emergency situation.  Since she is
not doing badly,  we will wait. 

Joy with a curious look!

Here is what is really driving the vet crazy

The X-rays are not supposed to look like this.  You are supposed to be able to see organs.
She has had several more x-rays and they really do not look much different
The sonograms do not give us an idea of what this is either.   The vets have
tried tapping it several times. It is not FIP.  They are not getting anything
I truly think it is lymphoma.   The 2 white circles are pellets from being shot at.

This little girl is a fighter,  I really thought for sure she would be gone by now.
Keep your prayers coming.

Jake is eating some on his own, depending on his mood :)  
Thank goodness for a feeding tube :)   He is also going
to Raleigh on 1/8

Cheryl Block with Natasha!

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