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Hypothermia in cats

 Cats can easily become hypothermic, body temperature below 100° F, with prolonged exposure to cold environmental temperatures, especially if they become wet.
Initially, shivering is seen and extremities, paws and ears, will feel cold. As body temperature continues to fall, all body functions slow. Shock and low blood glucose is followed by lethargy, collapse and coma. Death will be imminent if the hypothermia is not treated quickly.

Frostbite is common with hypothermia and caused by exposure to extreme cold. Frostbite damages skin and its underlying tissues. The most common areas are toes, ears, scrotum and tail which have less fur protection. Initially, frostbitten skin is pale and white with loss of blood circulation. When circulation returns, the skin becomes red and swollen, looking like a burn. The dead area will become dark, hard and brittle. The extent of damage may take a week or longer to be seen and the dead tissues will separate from viable tissues.
Do NOT rub or massage any frostbitten areas because the tissues can be damaged further. As sensation returns, your pet will feel pain so do not allow excessive grooming or chewing of the injured tissues.

If your cat has frostbite or becomes hypothermic, get him/her inside immediately and wrap in blankets.


Dry their fur if wet. Gently warm with hot water bottles – if you cannot hold it in your hands, it is too hot. NEVER use an electric heating pad or hair dryer because these can cause burns!
While warming and drying, do NOT delay getting them to your vet!

Prevention of hypothermia is key! Keep your pets indoors during rainy or cold weather. If it is possible they may be outside during bad weather, ensure they have access to a dry sheltered area protected from wind, rain and snow. Put straw or blankets inside to retain warmth.

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