Saturday, June 30, 2012

Introducing SweetPea

 Little SweetPea came to us 6/27/12   from the Cumberland County Animal Control Center.  Lucky for her, the pound (which is a very High Kill Shelter)  has Ann, who works very hard to try to find a place for the animals to go.   This little girl was born missing her back 2 feet  and half of her tail.    How could we say no to this cutie?

We immediately got her to our vet to see what her health situation is.  She is approx 6 weeks old  (that is on 6/29/12),  the vet feels that the bottom of her legs were caused in utero from the umbilical cord getting wrapped around her legs and cutting off the circulation etc.   She has osteomyelitis (which is a bone infection) and a fractured femar. (She is on pain medication and antibiotics for the infection)   Other than that she is actually in decent shape.  As you can see in the video,  not having her 2 feet does not slow her down at all.

Because of missing her feet, we want to make sure we use a very soft litter for her to dig in, this is the same litter that we use for Popcorn because of her amputation and for LT because it is the only kind she will use.  

This is from our Amazon Wish list

We are still experimenting on what foods she likes,  but she does not seem to be a picky eater,  she does like the Petite Cuisine.

She is looking for sponsors  :)   You may do that on her webpage