Sunday, June 24, 2012

Introducing Meadow

Introducing Meadow.   Meadow came to us last year from a shelter that was in over their head and another rescue stepped in to help them place their animals.  She came to us missing lots of hair,  we thought it was an allergy issue,  found out later it was actually from stress.  As you can see here, her hair has grown back and she is super friendly. She has adjusted well to being with us,  gets along well with the other cats and seems to have settled in nicely.

We would also like to thank Angela for the undercover mouse from our Amazon wish list  that she is playing
and Thank you to unnamed for the food, litter and trash bags!!
Thank you to unnamed for the trash bags, softener sheets, toys and bed!
Thank you George For the food!
Thank you Margaret for the spray!
Thank you Debra for the trash bags

The day she arrived,  missing lots of fur

Hair is filling in

Her now :)

Getting loved on at a visitors day

Again, getting loved on at a visitors day

Posing for us

Lauren and Meadow