Tuesday, March 3, 2015


Do Your Cats Have Distinct Purring Styles?

Mine do: One needs chin scritches, the other my lap, and the third, well, just a nice box.

I love the sound of a cat purring. It's soothing and calms me even during my most anxious moments. Sometimes when one of my kitties is purring, I either press their nose against my ear or lay my head softly on their belly. It's completely meditative. My three cats are not short on purrs, but each have their own style when it comes to revving up the old motor. Here's how they differ.

1. Saffy

The happiest greeting ever.

I think Saffy was purring when she popped out of her mama. She's the shyest of my three cats, but the one who most easily turns on the purr. Often when I walk into a room, I hear her before even I see her. Even if she's sleeping, she senses my presence and starts rumbling. When she's hiding, it's like a game of Marco Polo to try and find her. Even if she's not purring right away, she starts when I place a hand on her fuzzy belly. It's really just the sweetest.

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