Monday, September 22, 2014


As many of you know I took my first vacation in over 10 years to go see my daughter in Washington State.   Below are a few pictures of the visit.  Beautiful area but I would sure hate to live there in the winters with all the mountains  :)

I want to give a huge thank you to my staff for doing a great job of caring for the cats while I was gone and  Bill for staying here so I could get away for a few days!!  You all rock!!

With my daughter 550 feet below the surface in a gold mine.  I am very claustrophobic! 

Pretty creek in Kellogg Idaho

 Lake Couer d' Alene.

Cat Tales Zoological Park.
Riverfront Sky ride in Spokhane

Riverfront Sky ride in Spokane 

Cat News

Pepper will be home today minus an eye.  His eye had built up lots of internal pressure causing him tremendous pain.  After the vet tried different medications etc for 2 days it was decided the best action was to remove the eye.

Ray will also be home today but will be staying in the quarantine room.  He is on a new medication that we hope will help calm him from the stress of being with the other cats.  He will be allowed out of the crate for a few hours a day for exercise and attention but being crated will help keep him safe from the stress of the other other cats and give the medication a chance to get enough in his system.

Gallie is home and doing well.


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Thank you so much for the gifts from our wish list!!

Amazon never gives us your contact info unless you put your email address on the guest message.  Thank you so much for your kindness and know how grateful we are to you for your generosity!

Thank you Brian Brown for the freshstep!

Thank you Pamela Jackson for the bleach, clean ups and freshstep!
Thank you Stephen Abarno for the cat food!
Thank you Sherry Lane for the toys!
Thank you Elaine DiAntonio for the amazon gift card!
Thank you sherry Lane for the scratch and rest & catnip toys!
Thank you Holly Seitter for the scratch and rest, and foods!

Thank you Oxygenplus business/Justin for the laundry softener, cleaning pads and litter!
Thank you Karin Burns for the food and lantern!
Thank you Aysa Acar for the cleaners, tunnel and laundry soap!
Thank you Melissa Barber for the wubba toy!
Thank you Diana Aird for the gains and tunnel!
Thank you Ashly Angi for the food, tunnel and scratch and rest!
Thank you Lisa Glicksman for the gain!
Thank you Fiera Quinana for the food, litter, trashbags and toys!
Thank you Linda Higgins for the foods!
Thank you Gemma Cartwright for the toys!

Thank you unnamed for the hot pursuit toy!
Thank you Barb Kizer for the catnip!
Thank you Danielle Gosnel for the food, cleaner and toy!
Thank you Julie Robichaud for the foods!
Thank you Gilbert Kloepfer for the food!
Thank you Kathy Jones for the catnip toy!
Thank you Tracey Reid for the food and cleaner!
Thank you Terri Robinette for the play cube and scratch and rest!
Thank you Elaine Locke for the toys and food!

Thank you to the visitors we had this week,  Below are just a few pictures from their visits :)
Please forgive me,  I do not know most of their names (I was not here  :)

Sybil playing in the "special" room

Sybil and Jamie

Candy never turns down a lap

Lily getting loved on

Scotty getting hugged on

Molly getting snuggled
A mob of kitties :)

And of course Baron and Candy