Monday, July 22, 2013

Introducing Maggie & Angel

Maggie & Angel are BCR's longest residents. They arrived in 2006

Maggie started out with a loving owner who, unfortunately for Maggie, passed away. The family of the deceased owner decided that they didn't want the responsibility of this beautiful baby, and sent her to their local humane society. 

While in this humane society, Maggie contracted an upper respiratory infection and lost her eyesight. Just think, losing the one you love, being put in a humane shelter, and then losing your eyesight. To make matters worse, the humane society decided that because couldn't see, they were going to put her down.

Picture when she arrived  in 2006

Thankfully for Maggie, a very kind volunteer was watching the entire incident. She told the humane society that if they didn't fix her and hand Maggie over to her, she would go to the press. They did just that and Maggie was now on her way to a foster home that this amazing volunteer found for her.

Angel was born blind and found herself in the SAME humane society as Maggie had been in. Angel was pulled from the humane society and placed in the SAME foster home as Maggie. This is where Maggie and Angel first met.  Unfortunately for them, their lives aren't easy yet.

Angel 2006

The man who was fostering our two beautiful girls was only supposed to have two pets in his home. He was fostering nine cats! The landlord came in and told him to get rid of seven cats or to find a new home. The man had to call the rescue back up and tell them he couldn't foster Maggie, Angel, and five other cats. 
The rescue had to do something immediately! It's not easy placing one cat on such short notice, let alone seven. 

Blind Cat Rescue was just getting up and running when we received a call from the  rescue saying that they had two blind cats who desperately needed a home. Of course we said yes. Maggie and Angel have been with us the longest and we're happy to have them in our lives. 

Angel is a sweet loving girl with long fluffy hair. She just wants to show you how much love she has to give, and if you're lucky enough to meet her, I guarantee her loving heart will change you for the better. 

Angel Now 

Maggie is a slightly over weight kitty who was recently diagnosed with diabetes which we are working on getting under control. Despite everything she has been through, she's still as sweet and loving as ever. She doesn't care much for other cats, she really loves to be left alone unless you're a human willing to give lots of loving. She is a lobby cat and loves it that way. 

Maggie now

Angel loves soft things, especially the fluffy fleece blankets and the beds that she can curl up in. She loves the new Weruva  Cat's in the kitchen  wet food that we've been feeding her.
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Maggie loves things that surround her. She loves to sleep in the Fish, pineapple and strawberry beds that people send. She is not a big fan of wet food, and because she has diabetes we are trying out a special type of low carbohydrate dry food. 

If you'd like to send our cats something special you can go to our Amazon wishlist.

They love getting new things and especially love box opening. We open boxes  at 6:30pm EST live on Ustream.     The cats absolutely enjoy it, so feel free to check us out!