Saturday, July 7, 2012

Zoe's Story

Little Zoe came to us as a 6 week old kitten that was found in a ladies yard that had 6 dogs that hated cats.

We took her immediately to the vet, and to my surprise, when the vet listened to her heart, she grabbed her  and ran out of the room saying that she wanted a second opinion, she thinks she is hearing a PDA.
(This was a new young vet, our regular vet was on vacation that day)  I am sitting there thinking,  PDA?  What the heck is a PDA?   Thank goodness for smart phones, by the time she returned I had goggled it and had some idea of what it was.   We immediately made an appointment with a feline cardiologist.

1/4/2012 Took Zoe to a cardiologist in Durham today. She had a sonogram to see exactly what is wrong with her heart. She does NOT have PDA, she does have VSD (a hold in her heart)    The sonogram also showed other issues with her heart but she is so little and so wiggly the vet was not positive what problem she is seeing. We are going to go back next month when she is a little bit bigger and try another sonogram. Sad thing is, what ever it is is probably not fixable by surgery.

Feb. 2012 Update is not good, her VSD is huge, she is not operable. We also can not have her eyes done or spay her because of the serious danger of putting her under anesthia. Her little heart will not be able to keep going as she gets older and bigger but until then, we will care for her and love her until then. 

April 2012 Took her back to the cardiologist for a check up. The cardiologist did have us go ahead and start her on Viagra (yes you are reading that right)  for pulmonary hypertension  (which is what Viagra was really for in the first place, big smile)  She is doing well and is stable at this point. :)  

We will be taking her back in July for a check up,  at this point,  she plays, eats well and seems to be doing well.  

This video was done around Christmas Time,  watch the little black cat...that is Zoe.

This is her favorite food.  She is a very picky little eater and right now she will not eat any other kind.  It can be found on our Amazon wish list.

                                                Zoe just being a normal silly kitty

                                           Another video of Zoe being a silly kitty :)