Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Thank you so much to Nancy who came down from Raleigh (2 hours away ) to help us clean and for all the bleach & towels & gifts!!
Also we received another climber,  from our Amazon wish list              http://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/14VUTQST8F5XH  
 but with no name,  so thank you to whom ever sent the climber, the cats appreciate it!    Thank you Joan for the Undercover Mouse!
Thank you Katie for the bed,
Thank you Antwoine for the filters,
Thank you Lenora for the litter & Trashbags,
Thank you unnamed for for the litter & food,
Thank you unnamed for the 2 Pur dispensers and 3 tiki cats!!  I wish I knew who you were to say thank you to you!!!,
Thank you Joanna for the needles,
Thank you unnamed for the scratch & rest, 2 tiki cats and the 2 toys!,
Thank you Lynne for the Kitty gritty!!
Thank you Brandy for the food!
Thank you Sean for the homemade catnip toys!
Thank you everyone for being so generous to the cats, we deeply appreciate all you do for us!!

Maggie thinks the box is the best part

Erin and her daughter putting the climber together

Kitty jumped in to help :)

Maggie insists the box is better than the climber :)

The cats love it!!

Nancy came down from Raleigh to help us clean for the day. Mickey is making sure she scoops correctly

The cats want to see what she is up to on the patio

Chester is making sure the floor is done right

Working on the dishes

And the best part,  playing with Gallie