Saturday, November 6, 2010

The donkey sage continues

If you all read my post from 10/30 you will know about the first half of the donkey saga,  it continues

Received a call on Monday at work that the donkeys were out in the neighbors hay field,  called home and had my daughter go get them.  We caught them and locked them in a large 6 foot high wire fence pen that they have not managed to open yet.

Took an extra day off, (yesterday) to try to catch up on things around the farm and the shelter.   Repaired the electric fence for the donkeys and added a 4th row of wire.  Thought it was buckled up pretty good.  Let them out of the pen.  2 hours is all it took!  Got a phone call from the neighbor that they were loose again.... Wonderful,,,,, NOT!  Put on my boots, got the lead rope and started walking.  The hay field is over 50 acres away.  Do you know how far 50 acres is to walk? LOL   Walked through the fire break in the woods to get to the clearing where the hay field is and yeap, sure enough they are there on the other side of the field happily eating pretty green grass.  I start walking towards them,  they see me with the rope and they decide they don't think they want to deal with me (Maybe that mad look on my face tipped them off LOL)  They start moving towards the access road that splits the pasture.  I keep walking towards them and they pick up speed.  Now I have 4 miniture donkeys trotting a decent clip up the road towards the cow pasture and the farmers sons house.  Now I am ticked off and worried,  they keep going the way they are going they will get to the road.  They got to the fence at the end of the cows pasture, stopped and then turned running beside the fence.  Ok, that is a good thing, that is the way home.   I am still walking way behind them at this pace (I do not run for anything unless it is free or 90% off)    They get to the first fire break and I am sweating it,  if they turn to the right they are just going to make us go in a circle.  I am shocked, they stay towards the left,  YES!    They keep walking, I keep walking and we come to the second first break,  at this point I am saying to myself,   stay left stay left,  they stayed left! YES!   they are now on the last leg for home,  cut back through the trees and back through the fence the same way they left.    

I finally get them back in the pen and then declare war on the donkeys.  I start putting up a new wire fence instead of electric fence,  and repairing the places they have damaged in the back pens... 4 hours later, I am done...     Anyone wants some miniature donkeys?  (Just kidding!!)

Paris as a baby

With her mom

Isn't she cute?

The moms

all grown up

Daja all grown up