Monday, November 1, 2010

My crazy weekend.

This weekend we were having visitors day. (10/30) So Friday I spent the day scrubbing the shelter, doing 10 loads of laundry for the cats, running errands to get more kitty litter,  you know, the normal day.  Was outside hanging up laundry around 5 pm when I heard what sounded like a stampede.  I look up to see my 4 donkeys, 1 mini horse and over weight goat bringing up the rear racing down the driveway.   Alrighteeey   this is not normal. I went up the drive way to close the big gate to keep them from deciding to go back the other way and met my neighbor who said they had been up at the street.    Let my poor daughter to deal with convincing them to go back into the pen while I grabbed supplies and went to find where the fence was compromised.   Got the fence fixed, daughter got the animals all back in,  went back to finish hanging the laundry.    Yeah right,  took them less than 10 minutes before they were back out... Not good!   Left daughter to get them back in (this time we chased them back through the fence,  repaired it again, put another row of hot wire on it,  tested it (it is hot)  figured I was safe,  headed for the shelter building to do my evening chores.   Sent my daughter to my neighbors house to feed their cats (they are out of town for a couple of days)  10 minutes later hear the car horn honking outside the shelter,  any guess what she had to say?   Yeap,  they are out again!!!

It is now dark,  daughter switches to the van and is herding them with the car back to the fence,  the  way that area of the pasture is set up has an alley way, she is so good at solving problems,  she parks the van across it where they can not come out.  Problem solved for the night.

Saturday,  people are supposed to start arriving at 11 am...   Head out to the shelter building at 5:45 to get the morning chores done figuring on leaving enough time to deal with the broken fence.. NOT!  I find that Molly has fallen and has injured her food and is dragging it behind her.  NOT GOOD!   Wake up daughter, ask her to come help with my chores and I head for urgent care with Molly.    Get her x-rayed  Not broken, thank goodness just soft tissue injury... not sure how it happened, she is not talking :)      Brought her home, get her setup in a crate for a few days with pain meds...

Back to the chores.. get everything done before people get there  EXCEPT for the donkeys...  Sunday fix the fence... This morning as I am on my way to an ambulance call got a phone call from the farm to my east,  donkeys are in his pasture.. GROAN    anyone want some smart donkeys?? (just kidding)

Will post pictures from visitors day later, I am at work right now and need to go earn my keep.