Thursday, September 30, 2010

Pepsi Contest starts again 10/1/10 Please vote

Instructions to vote,    (if you will click the link with your RIGHT mouse key  you can pick open in a new window and keep this window open,  you can find it by clicking the bottom of your screen)   We have partnered with 4 other groups, we hope you will vote for them too

First go to:

First time you must sign up.   go to the bottom left of the screen,   click  join refresh everything   to sign up the first time you go to the site.

now go back to    

go to the bottom left of the page and sign in.  You can sign in by:

Log in under your email address   and quickly vote right down the link,  just takes a minute.    

Log out

Click to sign in, this time pick the Facebook button.     IF you get a Connection error,  close that window,  reclick sign in, reclick Facebook and it will immediately log  you in.  Please remember to vote and share :)

and then please also 
text a vote

Put   73774  in the phone number part of your text
and then type in the message   102422     and then send,  it will give you a confirmation showing it went through

Yes  you can vote all three ways for each group.... You have 10 votes to share with 10 groups  (or 30 votes if you log in and vote all 3 ways)