Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Do you like I to enter contests?  I do,  won a trip to Cancun once.   There are several contests out there that will help non profit charities and animal organizations.  Pretty cool huh?  If you vote in these contests, you don't win anything but the charity of your choice does.  I sure hope you will vote for ours :)

This is the Pepsi contest,  we are competing for $50,000 to add another building to rescue FIV/FEL+ cats.
The top 10 each month win the money.  We will be in the contest again in October.

It is a vote every day contest, and you can actually give us 3 votes a day.
Sign up and then:

log in under your email address and vote.... log out

log in under your Facebook account and vote    (sometimes people have problems with this one, it will say connection error.  If it does that to you, close the sign up box and then immediately open it again and click on Facebook will connect.

And you can text a vote  super fast and easy
In the phone number section type the numbers:  73774  (that is all you put in there, it will work honest!) and then in the message section put in   102422  and send.    It does not cost anything extra to text a vote,  if you have unlimited text.

Contest 2 is the Animal Rescue Site

This one is also a daily vote contest.    In the shelter name box you only need to type the words:  blind cat     and in the state box pick NC (North Carolina) and click search.  We are the only one that shows up.   Click Vote.  the next page will give you an animal to identify.  It wants to make sure you are not a computer voting.  And you are done.

Thanks so much for helping the animals!!