Monday, July 3, 2017


Odie is one of our newest kitties and is FELV+
and came to us from Florida.
You can read all about him here :

He is very grateful for everyone that has been sending all
these boxes full of food and other goodies to us.
You are the reason we can help Odie have a 
good life for as long as it is.
If you would like to send something to the kitties
you can use the link below :

Some things that are great to send are the
Amazon Gift Cards. 
We use these to buy thing we need that we do not 
put on our wish list.
Also cat litter, Fresh Step.
We use 70 boxes a month.
We are very grateful to everyone that is donating their
Paw Points to us, because when we get enough we 
get a whole pallet of litter which is around 70 boxes.

Thank you Gary and Chrissy Belton for the scratch and rest and foods!
Thank you Deanna Gertz for the foods!
Thank you Linda for the stamps!
Thank you Diane Chiacchio for the food!
Thank you Sunetra and Nishant for the food!
Thank you Ann Mary for the litters!

Tough life being a cat at BCR. 

Thank you M. Watson for the toys, treats, bowls, liners, nail clippers!
Thank you Pete for the fountain cleaning brushes!
Thank you Jackie Williamson for the food!

Thank you Dawn Naska for the scratch and rests!
Thank you to the several unnamed people (there were no packing slips) 
for all the food and cat litter!
Thank you to the several unnamed people for the food! (there were no packing slips)
Thank you Debra Johnson  for all the foods, litters,  bleach, fountain cleaning kit and syringes!
Thank you Pam Lancaster for all the litter!
Thank you Jenny & Stuart Schafer for the food and litter!

This is our newest kitty Tommy.
He is a sweetheart with FELV. You can read about him here:

Thank you Nancy for the beautiful grave stone for Pepper!

Thank you Irie Stuerzenberger for the cat litter!
Thank you Ann Shaw for the amazon gift card!
Thank you Sue Burtchett for the gift cards and sponsoring Jasmine!
Thank you unnamed for the food!
Thank you Judith Hinton for the food!

Love bug Samantha. She is a super lover.
She will be in your lap in a second, loves to give
you kisses and rub on your face. 

Thank you Nancy for the food!
Thank you Lisa for the food and syringes!
Thank you Karen Cook for the food and gift card and sponsoring Marge and Simba!

Thank you everyone again that sent things to the kitties!
Also thank you so much for all the Paw Points.
We got a couple pallets of litter and even though
the contest is over we are over halfway to another one.
We so hope that one of our supporters wins the drawing.

Thank you for doing the daily quiz. There
are more categories being worked on, of course
some cat categories are coming. 

We have a 4th of July Smile box being posted tomorrow for everyone.
If you subscribed to our newsletter you got it yesterday.
If you have not subscribe to our informative newsletter you can do 
so right here on the blog on the right hand side. 

Also some more articles coming out this week from Mandy Cooper.
So please subscribe to our blog as well so you do not miss anything!
Thank you so much for all your wonderful support. 

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