Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Fresh Step Contest

Freshstep has a contest!  You may WIN $5,000
and the charity of your choice (we hope it is Blind Cat Rescue!!)  Wins $5,000 too!

Log into your Freshstep account 
 100 bonus Paw Points® when you enter this special code: LOVESHELTERCATS

To grab your bonus points, just select “Other” for location in the drop down menu
 and enter the secret code. June 30.

 Thank you so so much to everyone for their kindness and points!!  Freshstep is not letting us see but the donations below.. I did get an email that shows there was a 2000 point donation and a 610 point donation but they are not listing names on the emails and they must be below the donations below!  Thank you so much to whomever ever shared so generously with the cats!!  We are so grateful for your generosity!!   

Thank you Linda for donating 400 paw points!!
Thank you Jennifer for donating 325 paw points!!
THank you Meredith for donating 200 paw points!!
Thank you Rosann for donating 400 paw points!!
 Thank you Kathy for donating 120 paw points to help the cats! 
Thank you Karen for donating 40 paw points to help the cats! 
 Thank you Michelle for donating 25 paw points to help the cats! 

Donation from Paris06/07/201725
Donation from M06/07/201750
Donation from Mary06/07/201730
Donation from Janice06/07/2017135
Donation from Lara06/07/201725
Donation from Debra06/07/201725
Donation from Raytha06/06/201725
Donation from Susan06/06/2017270
Donation from Kim06/06/201725
Donation from Kim06/06/201725
Donation from Cynthia06/06/201750
Donation from Stephanie06/06/201725
Donation from Marisa06/06/201725
Donation from Amy06/06/2017200
Donation from Carolyn06/06/2017230
Donation from Erik06/06/2017205
Donation from Lyn06/06/2017105
Donation from Rebecca06/06/2017100
Donation from Daniel06/06/201755
Donation from Linda06/06/201725

 We are very grateful for your kindness! If you use Fresh Step litter and do not use your paw points, Please consider donating them to the cats!! They have a shelter program that allows us to use points to get free litter for the cats! We use over 60 boxes each month. Here is the link: Thank you for your generosity!! Please share

Your generosity helps get free cat litter for the cats!!  Thank you so much for all you do for the cats!!!

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