Friday, October 21, 2016


Thank you for your gifts. Last week while we where
here without pwoer and internet, we knew when the Fed Ex and UPS
people started showing up, things would get back to 
normal soon. If you want to send something to the kitties you can
do so using the link below:

Thank you Shayna, Sharpe, Peepers, Nobu, Wobble, Minnifred and LuluBelle for the food!
Thank you unnamed for the syringes!
Thank you Ngayan Cheung Latham for the food and nose drops!
Thank you Merianna for the food!
Thank you Ariel Murphy for the food!
Thank you unnamed for the nose drops!
Thank you Linda for all the bleach!

Thank you unnamed for the food!
Thank you Barbara from Massachusetts for all the food!
Thank you Kenneth Davenport for the syringes and bleach!
Thank you Killua for the food!

Thank you Gina Jackson for the gift card!
Thank you Karen Cook for the syringes, litter and food!
Thank you Tina Garland for the foods, chocolate and soap!
Thank you Dawn Naska for all the food!

Thank you James and Donna Dicus for the foods!
Thank you Danny Cook for the food!
Thank you Betsy Snider for all the food!

Thank you unnamed for the food!
Thank you Ngayan Cheung Latham for all the food and masks!
Thank you Stephanie Vogt for the masks, food and syringes!
Thank you unnamed for the food!

We really do thank you for everything you do for the cats. We sure did miss everyone the other
week when we had no power or internet. We ran BCR off our generator but our internet
is hooked up to the power so until that came on we where 
off the grid so to speak. We are so dependent on technology now, isn't it crazy?
I sat and thought, what in the world did I do before the internet and computers? 

We also want to thank you all again for all your concern for the kitties and the staff
here at BCR. Again, other then just not being able to be online
the kitties had everything they needed. We put in a huge generator a while
back just in case something might happen. 

You always think, oh that could never happen to me. We hope it never does but just in case, below are some tips of what to do to make sure your pet is safe if
there is some kind of natural disaster. 

ID your pet- Make sure you pets have collars with id tags that are up to date. Microchip your pet.  For many of us that own cats, we may not do this because they are inside cats. However what if your inside cat got out by accident? Micro chipping and making sure your pet is registered really helps increase the chances that they get back to you faster. 

Put together your own disaster kit- Here is a link that can help you know what to put in your kit: Disaster kit

Find a safe place to stay ahead of time. Below are links that can help you find pet friendly
places to stay in case you need to leave your home. 
If you have to leave take your pet with you. If it isn't safe for you, it is not safe for your pet either. You do not know how long you will be gone or when you will be allowed to go back. 

After the disaster-  Sadly when you are allowed back, your home may not be the same. Do not let your pets roam around loose. Your pet will more then likely be disoriented because the familiar smells and landmarks may be gone.
Keep your dog on a leash and your cats in carriers as you assess what if any damage there is. Be patient with your pets.
Try to get them back to their normal day to day routines as quickly as possible.
Your pet may be stressed so they may also have behavioral problems resulting from the stress. If these problems persist or your pet seems to be having any health issues get them to your veterinarian as soon as possible. 
If your home or neighborhood has been flooded, check for wild animals inside your home and property. They may have sought refuge there during the flooding. If you find any wild animals please contact the local authorities to have them come remove it for your safety as well as the wild animals. 

Below are some more helpful links so you and your pet can be prepared if something should happen.

Do not forget to get your Raffle Tickets. We have alot of great prizes. You can 
see the prizes and order your tickets here :
Raffle Tickets
100% of the proceeds from the raffle go to the kitties.

Don't forget we are in the Shelter Challenge Contest 
 In the shelter name box only put in the words, blind cat and click search. After the captcha you will see a portal error message, that is good! It means it counted your vote :) Thank you for helping :)

We also have one more Open House for this year. 
We hope you can come visit the kitties. 

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