Thursday, September 1, 2016


You can see Liza inside playing. She loves the other cats
just people not so much. 

As always we are very thankful for all the
things that are sent to the kitties every week. If you want
to send something as well please go to our
Amazon Wish List below:
The kitties love food so you can never go wrong

with sending something from our food choices.
Remember if you live outside the U.S. please use the 

Amazon US site that way you won't be charge shipping fees
from your country to the U.S.

Thank you unnamed for all  the foods!
Thank you unnamed for the toilet paper!
Thank you Anne Schurmann for the blankets
Thank you Eric Willis for the laundry  soap and food!

*If we post something as unnamed it is because Amazon did not include
the packing slip with your name. We are very sorry and if you want you 
can email us and let us know it was you that sent an item*

Thank you Terry Medvick for the revolution!
Thank you Renee for the package for Stitch!
Thank you Stephanie Harrison  for the food and calming collars!
Thank you Rosemary Chickey for the food!

Colonel letting Cole know who the boss it. 
Thank you Roger Crawford for the food!
Thank you Melinda Eubanks for the litter, food and laundry soap!
Thank you Carolyn for the laundry soap!

Thank you Angel, Jamie, Riley and Noah for the cat litter!
Thank you Stephanie Harrison for the food!
Thank you Teresa Thomas for the food!

Thank you Stephanie Johnson for the food!
Thank you Kendra Cooley for the food!
Thank you unnamed for the food, toys and laundry soap!

Thank you Rosemary Glover for the food!
Thank you Kendra for the food!
Thank you Donna Whistler for the food

Thank you Brian Schneider for the foods and laundry soap!
Thank you Collin Williams for all the foods!
Thank you Ione Brown And Tinky for the food!
The black cat in this picture is Pepper. Pepper is blind.
Pepper plays with a ball just like a cat that can see :)
Thank you Heather for the food!
Thank you Donna Whistler for the food!
Thank you Linda for all the coffee supplies for the humans!

I know many of you already know this but I wanted just to post 
something here on the blog as well.
Sadly we lost one of our BCR human family members this past week.
Maria(Mazzy Galbraith).
Many of us have donated money to help sponsor her 

favorite kitty at BCR, Ella. Others have expressed
how much she meant to them in their own ways.
Maria was alot of things to alot of different people in our
BCR family. She touched alot of people. No matter

how bad she might have been feeling, she never complained and alway
ask how you where doing. She loved the kitties at BCR so much.
I still find myself every morning starting to message her

to tell her who the cat of the day is so she 
can make the cross stitch. I really miss those.
Always remembered, never forgotten. 

Again thank you all for all your goodies to the kitties. Don't forget
the daily click at 
Shop for your cause

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