Sunday, July 3, 2016


Happy 4th of July!!

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Thank you as always for your gifts for the kitties.
 If you would like to send them something you can go to our
 Amazon Wish List here:

Thank you unnamed for the renal support!
Thank you Linda Carden for all the bottles of renal support!
Thank you unnamed for the food!

Thank you Linda Carden for the vitamins & Renal care medicine!
Thank you Dawn Naska for the climber!
Thank you Suzanne Coholic for the grave stone!

Thank you Gary Tanger for the food!
Thank you Tamara & Milliken Clowder for all the foods!
Thank you Linda Carden for all the syringes!
Thank you Suzanne Coholic for the amazon gift card!
Thank you Liz Kulis for all the toys!

Many of you might know this next person or you might have
seen her last month at BCR if you watch
our tours or live feeds on Ustream or Meshare. 

Amy and Jane took their vacation and went to stay at Blind Cat Rescue for 4 days.
During that time they worked every morning with the staff cleaning
 each room and catio. During the afternoons they helped with
tours and played with the kitties. On the nights Chris was there
 they also helped her with the kitties and tours and boxes. 

I wanted to share some pictures that they took while
 they where at BCR along with a letter Amy
sent to me about how she found BCR and what BCR has meant to her. 

About 2 years ago while we were on vacation I was watching
 different cat videos on my computer and came upon Blind Cat Rescue.
I started looking at their web page and saw a link for a live camera
on ustream and I thought I'd see what that was all about. 

Alana and Chris were chatting with people online.
I joined in and was immediately welcomed by them and all the chatters.
 I remember Suzanne telling me that I was going to be addicted
to BCR and she was right.  I really enjoy chatting with  everyone because all
the people I've met  are so friendly and caring. I have also learned so much
good information about cats from listening to Alana.

 I started learning all the cat's names from watching tours when
I could. Lisa and Autumn in room 4 were the first
cats that really drew me in. All these cats have their own unique
personalities and I really enjoyed watching them and seeing how they
were doing each day.

Due to my work schedule I only get to watch tours
 on weekend days and some evenings but now thanks
 to the videos I can watch all of them when I have time.

I've been wanting to visit BCR for quite a while so Jane and I
planned a trip and drove down. We were able to stay
 at the guest house on the premises which was absolutely perfect because
we didn't have to do anymore driving and could walk back to it anytime we wanted.
The guest house was a lot bigger than I expected and all we had
 to bring was food to eat.

We were able to hang out in 
the evening with the night employee of the month 
Miss Chris and help her scoop litter boxes, wash food dishes, play 
with all the kitties and tagged along on the live tour.

 In the morning we went to help clean the rooms. 

Miss Kitty showed me how they cleaned all the rooms every day
 and we helped out as much as we could. The staff works
 very hard to keep each room spotless and they do an incredible job.

After all the cleaning was done they took the cat's weight, trimmed
 claws and cleaned ears. We loved going to each room and spending 
time with the cats. They are the most lovable cats 
I've ever been around. 
They are so happy to be with you and it's really therapeutic to spend time 
with them. We had a great time on our trip there

We really enjoyed getting to know Alana and the wonderful staff at BCR. Everyone was very welcoming and friendly and we can't wait to return for another visit!

Thank you so much Amy and Jane for coming to spend time
with us here at BCR. We had a great time meeting you and
just hanging out together. Thank you so much
for your help every morning with the kitties. We know
cleaing is not easy but you guys jumped
right in and did it like you had been here
before. We certainly hope you will
come back and see us again as soon as you can. 

Thank you again to everyone that donates and supports the
kitties here at BCR. We could not do this without you
our supporters. We hope everyone has a great 4th of July.
Remember to be safe and take your
pets in before the fireworks start. 

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