Wednesday, June 1, 2016


Wow thank you so much for all the great items you have sent to the kitties. We have the best supporters in the world. We really appreciate every box with every item in it. 
If you want to know how to send things to the kitties just click on this link:

Thank you  Carrie Worth for the cat litter!
Thank you Marlene Schmidt for the medical supplies!
Thank you Donal Scherzi for the scratchers!
Thank you Naomi Lasdon for the food!

Thank you Chelsea Wilson for the litter!
Thank you Scott Cirlin for the food!
Thank you Alexandra and Ruth for the food!
Thank you Anne L Hyatt for the food!

Thank you JM Morris for the Amazon Gift Card!
Thank you Shanda Kramer for all the foods!
Thank you Samantha Resilavage for all the foods!
Thank you Jay for the Amazon Gift Cards!

Thank you Steven DiCastro for the Amazon Gift Cards
Thank you Mad Max for the foods!
Thank you Sandy Brown for the food!
Thank you unnamed for all the foods!
Thank you Linda for the crystal litter!

Thank you Joy Foley for the food!
Thank you Ruiz Aranda for the  foods and litter!
Thank you  Lynda and Ashley for the gift card!
Thank you Julie and Mike for the foods!
Thank you Samantha Resilavage for the litters!
Thank you Anne Hyatt for the litter!
Thank you Alexandra & Ruth for the litter!
Thank you Lynnette Loud for the litter!

Again thank you everyone that sent stuff to the kitties. If we did not have your name
its because Amazon does not always include the 
packing slips. Also remember you can watch us open 
the boxes on  Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights on Facebook at 
6:30 PM/EST. 

I have been asking people to write in and tell me how
 they found out about BCR , and what it means to them.
 Below is a letter i got from Cheryl. Cheryl is our BCR screenshot ninja.
She takes screenshots during tours and just off the cameras we have.
 I use her pictures in the blog pictures as well. 

Thanks to Homer Blind Wonder Cat, on Facebook,
 I found my way to Blind Cat Rescue and Sanctuary, more than two years ago.
 immediately fell in love with all of the Cats, but I have
 to admit, there are a handful that are special to me.
One in particular, was our girl Autumn; Autumn was a sweet,
 loving Cat, who had an expression and look in her eyes,
 which told me she knew 
how much she was loved; I miss her terribly.
My experience with watching the Cats on Ustream,
 has been very positive, not only do I get to see the
 Cats each day, I've also made friends with
 incredible people who are like family.
We all share one thing in common, where Blind Cat Rescue is concerned;
 we care very deeply not only for the Cats,
 but Alana and the Staff as well.
Everything they do for the cat's and also the  wonderful Supporters,
 who are incredibly thoughtful and generous with assisting
 the Lifetime Sanctuary, by whatever means possible.
 Whether it be volunteering, sending gifts, money, sustaining,
 moderating, clicking, sharing, etc.

I enjoy taking Snap Shots of the Cats from Tours, Ustream, Chat and Me Share,
 then posting them on Facebook.
 It was recently suggestion by one of my BCR friends,
 that I might considered sharing them where a much larger group
 that being Friends of Blind Cat Rescue and Sanctuary
 also on Facebook. What a great idea that was, because many
 more people are liking, and posting thoughtful comments.

I look forward to one day visiting Blind Cat Rescue and Sanctuary. Which would
give me the opportunity  to thank  Alana and Staff.
 Then I would spend as much time, loving and cuddling with all the sweet cats
 as well as those who were put to rest, in the Memorial Garden.

Thank you so much Cheryl. I know many of us feel the same way about BCR. 

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We hope you like our blog posts. Please share it with your friends. :)

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