Saturday, February 27, 2016


A cute video of funny cat videos for your enjoyment!  We hope you enjoy :)

Do You like Basketball?

We’d like to share a fun, simple, and free way for you to support Blind Cat Rescue and
get your friends involved in our mission to help blind, FIV & FELV+ cats.
Starting in March, the top NCAA basketball teams will face off in the biggest basketball
tournament of the year.

Odds are you’ve seen the brackets that people like to fill out during the tournament. Now you and your friends can fill out a bracket online to support Blind Cat Rescue! The folks at The Charity Bracket will donate $50,000 to Blind Cat Rescue  if you have the best score at the end of the tournament. BCR can also win an additional $50,000 prize even if you don’t have the highest
score. It costs NOTHING for you to play and win on behalf of BCR.  So sign up now. Go to
Link==>   - It’s 100% free to participate.

It’s simple and anyone can play. Pick the teams you think will win (or if you’re like most
people, just take wild guesses and hope you get lucky!) You can also create private
groups to compete with your friends and co-workers. Invite your friends, have some fun
and support Blind Cat Rescue!

Thank you so much to everyone that sent gifts to the cats from our wish list!

Thank you Zach Shiver for the food!
Thank you Tacy Trump for the litter!
Thank you Kevin Calvert for the food!
Thank you Scarlett Yoas for the foods and litter!
Thank you Rosemary Glover  for the foods!

Thank you Ms. CL Cirket for the foods!
Thank you Jennifer Hegedus for the foods!
Thank you Shirley Kelly for all the foods!
Thank you unnamed for the pet cube!

Thank you unnamed for the 7 cases of food!
Thank you Dwayne & Laurie Tucker in memory of Little Bit for the gift card!
Thank you Suddha Kuyt for the foods!

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